11 Ways to be in the NOW

  1. Start by finding your passion and doing what you love. Or you can focus on a hobby. When you’re in the mindset and the action of doing what you love - you are automatically in the moment and released from all thoughts and negative emotions.
  2. Try to show gratitude for what you have now. Not for what you lacked in the past, or what you currently want or want for the future. Focus on what you have in this moment. You can start by expressing gratitude for your breath, sight, hearing and then go to food, family, friends, a house, a job… Once you do this, the list will just continue itself.
  3. Try to get out of your mind - be aware of your mind and your thoughts, but do not DWELL on these thoughts, experience them and let them be, do not hold on to them.
  4. Let each moment pass, and do not dwell on the moment before, or the moment that will occur after.
  5. Wherever you are, crack a smile. To yourself, in public, to a stranger, or a relative or friend or colleague.
  6. Try not to worry about the small or major things in your life. Take a breath and let it go.
  7. Release your resistance to your stress and current things going on in your life. 
  8. Wake up and take a moment to appreciate the day, and manifest that you will have an amazing and fulfilled day filled with many opportunities.
  9. Create ways to promote your positivity - you can do this by random acts of kindness, having a jar in your room where you place positive affirmation or even a vision board - a board that you create that shows your future manifestations.
  10. Meditate, sing, walk, exercise or any type of stimulation to motivate and inspire the mind
  11. Lastly, just focus on the moment of NOW, because the past has vanished and future does not exist yet. All that exists is NOW. 

Whatever is to be - already is - so just BE