The "Piece" We Bring

IMG_1868 So, What IS is a place where you can go to be reminded of who you are meant to be, a place where you can turn inward into your own truths and allow yourself to look deeply into what it is that truly brings you peace. We are here to encourage you to actively engage in the things you love and the thing that makes your heart sing. We are here to remind you to give yourself permission to be happy. Your purpose is to shine your gifts with the world. Your gifts will never be given outward if you are not at peace inward. Through our book suggestions, writings, recipes, music, meditation techniques and a variety of wonderful tools that you can begin using in your life right now, you will see that you can live a life with peace, even when things around you may not be exactly how you want them at the moment. Peace comes from within and no one can take that from you! DO THE THINGS THAT BRING YOU PEACE AND YOU WILL SEE THAT MORE PEACE WILL FOLLOW!

Much love,

Lindsey & Marlene