Edit Your Story


“The only way your life will be transformed is if it collapses first”, stated our Yoga Instructor, Guru Singh in a lecture on October 30th 2014. If something is bothering you about your life, it can be changed, it can be fixed and can be molded into what you want. However, you must go through the motions of a collapse. In order to create change in your life and within your self, you must undergo a complete transformation that may be hard to go through, but in the end, it is exactly what needed to be done.

If everything were constant and perfect, there would be no need to evolve, no need to do anything to inspire you and shine light within you. We must have hardships, obstacles, arguments and bad days. These indications show you are on the right path. However, we must not settle in that place, we can settle for a day or two, but then we must rise above it. If you stay put, you will not create any transformation in your life, it will just be a cycle and you will continue to crumble and collapse.

You were born to be here and now. You were born to explore, discover and expand your mind, body and soul. You were born to be a leader and a master.

“Any story that you’re listening to that has stalled you in any way is a story that you need to edit” – says Guru Singh. We have the ability to shape our stories and our chapters and we must do this so create the life we imagine. Our thoughts and beliefs can be changed through us changing our thought process.

In order to have any transformation, we must fall first. But we must get up as soon as we can. Our fall needs to be looked at as something positive, as something that is a sign for change. We must rise above and be ourselves. We must change our stories and live to the fullest and enjoy the ride of the universe.