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A Life With Peace Gets Invited to a Thrillist Culinary Road Trip

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^Mortadella Sandwich from Lardo, click Read More to see more pictures! 

People often travel around the country to try some of the most famous and well-known restaurants and dives. With this event, we are able to have the most famous restaurants in one place, without having to travel anywhere! From places in the East Coast like New York and Philadelphia, this event brought all the goods from around the country. This extremely well-organized, trendy and wonderful event left me feeling full, satisfied and happy!

Taking place a whole weekend in Hollywood, California at the Siren Studios at Orange, this venue was spacious and awesome! The walls were white and were able to be written on!

When you walk in, you get a punch card with all the different foods and as you make your way down, it gets checked off! The first stop I took was Sweetgreen. Originally famous in Washington D.C, Sweetgreen just opened recently in Los Angeles on 3rd street, and now I know why. The salad served was a Rad Thai Salad with fresh greens, cucumbers, carrots and other fresh ingredients! This was an amazing appetizer to start off the adventure of the night. It was crisp, light and exactly what a salad should be. It really kicked off the rest of the event.



Second stop was Black Seed Bagels from New York City. I've only had a New York bagel one time in my life and this would count as the second and it was DELICIOUS! There is just SOMETHING about New York bagels… The bagel was a sesame seed bagel with cucumbers, dill, cream cheese, capers and red onion. The bagels were soft and the toppings paired perfectly. The taste from the fresh dill paired with the sourness and tartness of the caper was a great combination. The crunch of the cucumbers with the creamy cream cheese hit the spot! I could have had a ton of these! But, there was A LOT more to go and I did NOT want to get full just yet!


So far, I loved the ambience, the colors, the music, as well as the grass designs all over the venue. Each stop had it's own unique style and lighting. After the bagels and salad, I wanted to get right in there and try Lardo’s grilled Mortadella Sandwich from Portland. This sandwich was my favorite of the night. It had so many components to it, the first bite, I fell in love! The Mortadella sandwich was crispy, crunchy and spicy! The bread was soft and all the component of this sandwich worked so well together. The Mortadella was grilled and crusted to perfection that gave it a nice smoky flavor and a bit of crunch! The greens didn’t get soggy and also provided a crunch. The sauce and grilled vegetables completed the sandwich and left me oh so satisfied! Definitely looking forward to trying this again if I am ever in Portland. Really good and delicious sandwich.


After this, we grabbed some complimentary boxed water and headed to New England for Luke’s Lobsters. I am a sucker for a good lobster roll and I was surprised and satisfied with the taste of this one. I’ve always got hot and steamy lobster rolls but this one was cold and really provided a new flavor. It was peppery, buttery and lemony, really the 3 best things if you ask me! Who doesn’t love butter and pepper? And lemon just adds all the components of a dish together. You can tell the lobster was fresh and creamy and crunchy. It was paired with a soft roll and the sauces and mayo with the pepper, lemon and butter on the lobster was really amazing. My favorites of the whole night would have to be this lobster roll, in addition with Lardo’s sandwich.



After the lobster roll, we went to try some deep-dish pizza from Chicago, something I’ve never tried before! The sauces on the pizzas were delicious and the sausages paired great with the sauces, the crust was crunchy and doughy at the same time. It was heavy and delicious! I liked this pizza, but it was not one of my favorites stops of the night. They had three pizzas to try from so it was cool they gave a variety!

After all this heavy, greasy, fresh and DELICIOUS food, we decided to slow it down a little. In the middle of the second room there is a “Rest Stop” where they were handing out root beer and chips! The route beer and chips were from “Route Beer 66” and I got Dill Pickle chips and the Lightly Salted chips. Regular lightly salted chips are always good but what I enjoyed the most was the Dill Pickle chips. These were delicious! They were vinegar tasting and really tasted like a dill pickle. The chips were crunchy and flavorful, I wish I could have picked up more bags of these! The root beer was also delicious, it is made from real sugar cane and is caffeine free! I really enjoyed this refreshing beverage before heading to the next main food stop before dessert.




Next, we went to Philly to try some Philly cheesesteaks. There were two types to pick from, a simple rib eye Philly cheesesteak with American cheese or slow roasted pork with sautéed broccoli rabe, sharp provolone and Italian bread. I tried the cheesesteak because I know that is what they are known for! And mmm it was delicious! At this point, I was so crazy full! The rib eye was delicious and paired with the melted cheese and the soft bread. A very simple sandwich, yet it contains a lot of juicy, amazing elements that were delicious.



After this, we went to Washington D.C to start our dessert. Georgetown Cupcakes, also opened in Los Angeles, was an amazing end to our foodie adventure. We got the vanilla birthday and lava fudge with a fudge center! Both were so tasty, delicious and super rich! I have tried Georgetown Cupcakes in LA before but I never tried those flavors and they were delicious! Looking forward to picking up more cupcakes from them and happy 2 places from this night are in LA!


Lastly, we got some cookies from Philly, called Insomnia Cookies. These cookies were moist, thin and melted in my mouth. I got double chocolate chunk and snicker doodle. They were also handing out samples of spritzers and seltzer that came in a lot of different flavors, I tried cucumber and grapefruit and it was extremely fresh and light.

This night was unforgettable and cannot be thankful enough that I was able to be apart of this event! Thank you so much Thrillist and Honda for inviting me to this awesome event. The food, the setting and everything was delicious and spectacular!


The Power of Thoughts

The Power of Thoughts

Eggplant Bruschetta

Eggplant Bruschetta