La Brea Bakery "Breaking Bread" Launch Party


La Brea Bakery is coming to a place near you, in their new FOOD TRUCK! In the launch of their "Breaking Bread" Tour, this event brought delicious food, drinks, ambience and awesome conversation! The staff was so generous and there was plenty to do, for example, instagram pictures in life-size frames!  I definitely had an amazing time at this event. Foods from flatbread to burrata toasts, a whole cheese and meats platter and short rib sandwiches and MANY, MANY more! Thank you La Break Bakery for this event, I had an amazing time!



Pictured above is La Break Bakery's signature cocktail: La Brea & 6th  and a Cracker with Blue Cheese

Open this post for more pictures! 

Farro with Broccoli & Peppers topped with Sharp Parmesan Cheese. This was one of my favorite appetizers of the night. The sharpness of the cheese paired perfectly with the savory taste of the rest of the ingredients. 



Burrata Toasts 


Short Rib with Cheese Sandwich - this was also one of my favorites! The short rib was delicious and the cheese in it paired with the short rib. The crusted bread was perfect as well.




Cheese & Meats table - this table had everything from spreads to cheeses to bread to meats, even CHOCOLATE CHEESE, which was sharp, sweet and delicious! 


Bulleit Rye Mule - This was a bit too strong for me but the mint balanced it out perfectly! 


La Brea & Sixth - this was an amazing drink. It was citrusy and sharp from the rosemary. 


Strawberry Bread Pudding with Caramel Topping



And MANY MANY MORE! This event was well-organized, delicious and AMAZING! 

Here are the stops:

Los Angeles July 30-Aug. 3

San Francisco Aug. 7-9

Seattle Aug. 13-16

Charlotte, NC Aug. 28-30

Washington, D.C. Sept. 3-6

New York Sept. 10-13

Philadelphia Sept. 16-17

Boston Sept. 19-20

Thanks again La Brea Bakery!