Manifestation Exercises


If you want to achieve your desires but not sure what you can do to start the process - this post is for you! Here are some exercises that will help you create a clear picture of what you want, and allow you to bring it into your life!


  • Express gratitude
  • Clear your mind
  • Visualize
  • Make a list of what you want - vision boards, and make sure to use "I AM" not "I WANT"
  • Focus on what you have, not on what you lack

First, focus on gratitude. By making a mental or physical list of at least 20 things you are grateful for can shift your mood. By shifting your mood, it raises your vibration and you can start to allow what you want to come in. It is an important first start to a manifestation process. You can think of over 100 things you are grateful for but make a list of at least 20 every day to jump start your day.

Another way you can allow more things to come to your existence is by clearing your mind. You can meditate, go to the gym, work out and write your feelings and thoughts down in a journal. It is important to let go of all resistance and anger or frustration during your manifestation process.

After focusing on gratitude and clearing your mind, find out what it is exactly you want. Sometimes we may want something, but we are not giving a clear picture to the universe of what we actually want. Be specific on what you want to manifest. You can find out exactly what you want through visualization. Give yourself 5-10 minutes everyday to just visualize what is it you are hoping to get or achieve. Make sure you don't go too deep into your visualization because then you can become fixated and stuck in what you want and become anxious, scared or  frustratedA good 5-10 minutes a day is perfect for visualizing what is it specifically you want. For example, a new job or a new car. Visualize yourself in the specific model and color and type of car you want. Visualize yourself in the car in your driveway or driving with the top down. This helps get the flow of the universe going. Make sure you have no resistance or "I won't ever have this" mindset during your visualization. A tip for visualization is think of it as a daydream, your dreams that are infinite and miraculous. Therefore, no negative beliefs should be attached.

Make a list of what you want. It can be one thing over and over or a ton of things you heart desires. You can also do this through vision boards, which were expressed in a past post and can be viewed by clicking: HERE. By visually writing down and constantly viewing pictures or words of what you want, it will be imprinting subconsciously in your brain and given out to the universe and then brought to you.

An important tip for making a list is write "I am" before the statement. If you write, "I want ___", you are telling the universe you LACK that. If you say I am, it is as if you have already achieved it.

Don't focus on what you lack, focus on what you have. Yes, you are manifesting something new, a physical or emotional thing, but if you get so wrapped up into it and you are not appreciating what your current life situation is or you are not appreciating what you have already, the universe will not bring what you are desiring. If you are wishing for a physical attribute, focus on the beauty of YOU. It is important to involve self-love in the manifestation process.

These tips are essential and important to helping you manifest your desires, from anything small like sunglasses to anything big like a new car, career or mate. Feel free to post any other advice or tips you would give to help manifest a desire bellow in the comments!

~A Life With Peace