Turkish Market

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By: Cecile Vadas (our new contributor based in Berlin! )

Food being primarily a necessary component of human functioning is also viewed as a shared or universal bond on a global scale. I’m going to take you on a culinary exploration of the Berlin food and beverage scene to share home cooking recipes and Berlin’s passion for food.

Kreuzberg – Turkish Markets

You cannot go past the Turkish markets, held along the canal every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, where local fruit, vegetables, cheese and meat are sold cheaply and extremely fresh. Although these markets may be just outside the centre of the city (Mitte), the attraction to them is growing due to the increasingly diverse population within Berlin and the quality of the produce (not to mention the perfect location).  Although the weather is rapidly cooling down, stalls also accommodate the large Turkish community as well as the international obsession – coffee. Warm up with a kaffee or heiße Schokolade (coffee or hot chocolate) for as little as 2 Euros. Feeling a little peckish? Go no further than these delicious Turkish fried passeles of spinach and fetta (called a gozleme) or mozzarella and tomato. My favorite is the gozleme – only 1.80 euros the flavors are distinct although still remaining light and fluffy.

This is only the beginning of the Berlin food culture. What’s next? Home made paprika cheese fries.