What I came here for...


Is this what I came here for?

If you are not fulfilled in this moment, it is most likely that you are answering “no” to this question more often than you should!

Each day, as things in your life come up, whether at work with your colleagues, at home with your family, or by yourself, ask this question:

Is this what I came here for?

We have all come here to create, to uplift and to share our souls purpose, BUT, if the majority of the time the answer to this question is “NO”, then your work is to focus on what needs to be done, moment by moment, to change your answers to “YES”!

It is all about our focus, so focus more each day on the areas you say, “YES” to.

As something in your life confronts you and you need to take care of it, always remember you have a choice about how much energy you want to give it.

So, while you HAVE to do certain things you may not want to do all of the time, by asking yourself this question, “Is this what I came here for?” It gives you the power to move through it quickly and refocus on what you ARE here for.

The idea is that you stop yourself BEFORE it consumes you. In the midst of any situation YOU have the ability and the power to stop and ask yourself this question and once you answer it, you have changed the direction you were headed in (which in many cases is the WRONG direction!)


What are the things you know for sure gives you clarity, inspiration, joy, laughter and peace?

Do as much of that as possible. AND while you will still have other things to do that may not be at the top of your list, you can always count on your soul to call on you and remind you why you are here.

You just have to ask the question!

Make a general list to start and then add specifics:

My job: YES/NO

My family: YES/NO

My friends: YES/NO

My Spouse: YES/NO

My children: YES/NO

My pets: YES/NO

My laughter: YES/NO

My excitement: YES/NO

My talents: YES/NO

My creativity: YES/NO

Continue adding to your list!

Look at it often so you don’t get caught up in the unimportant things that rob you of your time and energy!