Charcuterie Tips with Harvest Snaps

Want to mix up your charcuterie and cheese board? Well, we've got you covered! Follow below for a step by step on how to curate the perfect charcuterie board with... wait for it... Prosciutto Wrapped Harvest Snaps. Interested? What are your must do's on your charcuterie? Any ideas on what I should put on my next board? Comment below! 

First thing's first, pick your meat and cheese: 

Charcuterie: Hard Salami and Pate, for different consistencies. The charcuterie I made, I kept it simple with Capicola, Salami and Prosciutto. However, a strong charcuterie would have smokey and non-smokey meat elements. This can range from hard salami's to pate or rillettes & smoked sausages. 

Cheese: Funky, Sharp, Hard and Soft. This can range from Gorgonzola (pictured above), a sharp cheddar and brie. 

Once you've chosen that, move on to other aspects of the board, including crackers, pickles and more unique additions. 

Extra's: Dijon Mustard, Cornichon Pickles, Red Pepper, Dried Apricots, Fresh Fruit (like grapes), the additions are endless! Choose something briny and pickled and a dried fruit and/or nuts. Macadamia nuts are a great option that go really well with any charcuterie board and my favorite!

Bread & Crackers: A fresh french baguette sliced works great but any kind of crackers can also seal the deal. My favorite choice is the cheese crackers from Trader Joes (pictured) as well as different flavors of Harvest Snaps, my favorite is the black pepper or tomato basil. 

Spice it up: Make your board unique by adding special touches. In my case, I wrapped Harvest Snaps with prosciutto. Bringing on that meaty flavor and the crunch of the snaps, it paired perfectly with the whole charcuterie board. Harvest Snaps has so many different flavors, such as, tomato basil and mango chile lime that are the perfect accompaniment for any type of charcuterie and cheese platter. 

Happy plating!