Destruction Enables Construction

"Destruction enables construction" - Guru Singh

In order to grow, you have to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable. You must put yourself in positions that help you grow and help you evolve. When things go bad, you need to take it as a sign that it's all there for a reason, it's all there to teach you a lesson. 

When there is destruction, it allows a new energy and an open door for construction. Construction allows you to build on your next steps. It allows you to pick up the pieces and move forward and allows you to feel vulnerable, in the best way possible. You need to open up your heart, be thankful and try your best to live in each moment. If you are not in this moment, it means you are clinging to a past memory or you are thinking of the future, both moments are not there yet and some moments are gone. You have to use your destruction as a tool and an incentive to move forward and to grow to your highest self. 

Destruction is a form of growth and strength. It is essential for any advancement and for success. When life starts to destruct, it means its time to get serious. Serious in the sense that it's time to spend time on yourself, to move forward in your life and follow your life goals and your life passions. Spend quality time with your loved ones, spend quality time with yourself, spend time doing the things you love - as little or as big as possible. The world is in complete chaos - but how are you going to save the world, how are you going to save anyone, if you can't save yourself first? Focus on yourself, too, it's okay to be a little selfish.

Be selfless and selfish, be at one with who you are and be okay with who you are. You are who you are, embrace that. Use that destruction in your life as a driving force to feel infinite and absolutely perfect. Because in the end, we can't take life for granted, we can't take the breaths we have and abuse them, we have to use them in a way that we will feel fulfilled and successful. Fulfillment is subjective, and everyone has their own perception of it, and that's the best part. Do what you need to do, don't compare yourself to other people. Try to be your own self, try to stand up and try to use your destruction as a form of construction that will eventually lead you to the exact and perfect life you are meant to lead. 

~A Life With Peace

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