Seattle Food + Travel Guide

We went on a quick trip to Seattle for ABGT, which was a music/concert festival at the Gorge Amphitheater. We camped at the concert for 1 night and the remaining nights, we spent time exploring Seattle - well, mostly, eating through Seattle. ;) Read along for the full list of what we did! 



One of the first places we went was Dick's, pretty much Seattle's version of In n Out. It was honestly OK for me, but if you're looking for easy and crazy cheap fast food that is a Seattle classic, go here! 

GP Doughnuts

There are some of the cutest little coffee shops in Seattle! This was one of them - and they have doughnuts too! This was the first place we went to, the second we flew in. I got my coffee, a doughnut and we relaxed in the coffee shop until our hotel was ready. (then we totally napped bcuz our flight was at 5am) 

Maona Seattle


Fried Chicken, nuff' said! We also got spam musubi and beer to start off one of our first nights on the town! I heard so many amazing reviews for this place - and it definitely lived up to the hype. If you just want a simple fried chicken dinner, here's your place. They also have other options like a fried chicken sandwich + more! It does get busy, so keep that in mind! 

Pikes Market Place


A Seattle tourist STAPLE! Step inside Pike Place Market for all kinds of food vendors, flower markets and trinket shops. 

Snoqualmie Waterfalls

On our way to ABGT at the Gorge Amphitheater, we went to stop at this gorgeous waterfall, an hour away from central Seattle or so. There is an overlook that is stunning. We didn't stay for long though, as we had to get to our campsite at the Gorge - but I still got to soak in all the beauty and take a couple pics! 

Pike Place Chowder

We went to the crazy popular Pike Place Chowder inside of Pike Place Market. There was a LONG wait, and we even went right when it opened, but it was delicious! We tried their regular chowder, which was BY far the best I've ever had. + we got a crab and lobster roll. The sourdough bread they give alongside of the chowder was the perfect complement. I was tempted to stand in line again to try it once more before we left... it was THAT good. 

Moore Coffee Shop


The coffee shops don't stop here - cozy weather, and cute, aestetic coffee shops are the way to go here in Seattle - I feel in love with this adorable cafe! There are a few locations in the area - and they create pretty matcha and coffee art ~ like this pac man and kitty! Ironically, they use the same brand of matcha powder I have at my own - so this was a nice gesture of familiarity. 


Oh my god. Beateau was one of the top meals we had on our whole trip - hands down. Inside is gorgeous, service was awesome and the food... well. it was even better. Overall, the whole experience was amazing and definitely on the top of my list for Seattle. If you're ever there, be sure to get their off the menu burger. To me, it really resembled the Father's Office burger in LA, but dare I say, even better and more than that - hands down the best burger I've ever had to date. A MUST. This is a steakhouse - so keep in mind, there are the prices that come with it - but if you're willing and want to try an amazing burger and steak - this is YOUR place. 

Storyville Coffee


We ended up back at Pike Place to check out Storyville. I think aesthetic wise, this was my favorite. There are MANY of these locations but the Pike Place one overlooks the water, which is a beautiful view! We got a coffee and hot chocolate (bae doesn't drink coffee). 

Elliott's Oyster House $1 Oysters 


$1 oysters, I am IN! check out their happy hour on the weekdays from 3-5pm for $1 oysters and discounted bites and cocktails. It's right on the water so you're set on an awesome view. 

Shiro's Sushi

I really love trying new sushi - especially when I'm traveling. Different cities have different types of fish, seafood and overall taste and experience. So we went to Shiro's Sushi. It is definitely on the pricier side but good quality fish is always worth it imo. We got all my favorites - uni, fish egg, toro roll salmon + more. 

The London Plane

Another cute af place is The London Place - which is 1/2 marketplace 1/2 restaurant. It's all open inside so there is a lot of gorgeous light that shines through and the food is delicious! We tried the beet hummus, which was definitely one of the best I've had. 

Tourist Stuffs: We spent a sec doing some typical tourist things like the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass.

where we stayed: a super cute smaller hotel called Hotel FIVE - A Staypineapple Hotel, which was walking distance to mostly everything we did - it was also a really cute and quaint hotel, not to mention super comfortable beds! If I'm ever back in Seattle, I'd probably want to stay here again. 

Have you been to any of the places I went to? Anywhere I should hit next?