How to Fight Sunday Scaries: Brunch at The Omni Hotel DTLA

It's the weekend - you're looking for something to do, you're looking for things to eat, where do you go? This past weekend I went to the Grand Cafe in the Omni Hotel Downtown LA for their Hangover Brunch! If you're a local, stop by for their breakfast buffet (or have a 1 night staycation like I did!), if you're traveling, stay here for the night and stumble out of bed and indulge in shrimp, mussels, crab legs, prime rib, a dessert bar and wait for it... bottomless mimosas. Read on for the full details on my 1 night stay!

Started off with mimosas and went on with shrimp, prime rib + mashed potatoes and horseradish sauce (MY FAVORITE)! Had breakfast staples, such as fruit, eggs, the whole shebang. Ended with some desserts and macarons from their dessert bar. Don't miss out on the piled high bacon, fruit station and more... it is definitely brunch heaven! 

When I came into my room, there was this gorgeous display of California - depicting the LA drought. What really surprised me were those pebbles were real chocolates glazed to make it look like pebbles - mind blown, they were so good! 

After brunch, I went to the Broad Museum, which is right across the street and was also shown in the view from my room. In addition to the Broad, The Omni Hotel is also a block away from Grand Central Market, where you can get the famous Eggslut or my favorite ice cream ever: Mcconnell's. I'll be back. :)