Simple Cooking With Ducksoup!

When I first started cooking, I had this desire to put anything and everything I had in my pantry in my food. Spices, sauces, liquids, bases, marinades, literally, everything. I thought this would elevate the taste but it (most of the time) never turned out the way I wanted to. I realized later that in cooking, it's the simple ingredients and the simple flavors that help elevate a dish. It all come down to the ingredients, the quality and the freshness and technique. Ducksoup, a cookbook from Chronicle Books has become my essential cookbook for simple cooking. Take a look below at the 2 recipes from the book I tried out, and let me tell you, I even made it the next day, it was so easy and tasty! Read along for the full rundown. 

I've always had a soft spot for lamb chops, and normally when I have a dinner party of some sort, I love to make these. I saw this in the cookbook and had to give it a try, this rendition is with Cumin and Garlic Yogurt. I wanted to pair it with a nice and light salad so I chose this Shaved Zucchini, Pecorino,  Lemon & Capers. Whatever the title of the recipes are, is pretty much all the ingredients in the dish. 

Most of the ingredients in the cookbook are a lot of ingredients and spices I have already readily available to me in my fridge and pantry, which I loved!  It's just the unison of these everyday spices that when put together with really good ingredients, is just perfect! A little bit about Ducksoup, it's a restaurant in SOHO and after making this meal, I truly felt like I made a delicious "restaurant" meal, something different from my usual veggie bowls, tacos and avocado toasts. ;)

Not only does this book have recipes, but it has really great tips and tricks. It shows all these amazing sauces and dips as well as techniques for your pantry, little items to elevate your dish (like burnt lemon) and other simple classics. It's not just a cookbook, but a really awesome "simple cooking" guide! 

How gorgeous, right! The simple green colors from the salad and the char from the lamb chops seriously make the best lunch or dinner and it really didn't take long to make, I was kind of impressed with myself. ;) These recipes were on pages 61 and 105, if you want to make it too when you get the book! Keep in touch with their page and restaurant over at Ducksoup on Instagram and check out Chronicle Books to purchase the cookbook.