Feeling Good Friday: How To Release Resistance

Why do we want to release resistance? This is one of the first tools in becoming who you are and one of the first steps to accomplishing everything you want. With resistance, stress and pressure in our minds, we can't see clearly of what we want. Not only that, if we know what we want, we won't be able to attain it because we are resisting: we are doubting and we are fighting. 

When you release resistance, it makes a shift inside you and a change inside to truly be who you want to be. We all strive for happiness and everyone's idea of happiness differs and this is perfect. You can absolutely attain everything you personally want to be happy, however, there may be a point where you don't think you can achieve that happiness. For example, you may want that new car, and you may think that new car will bring you happiness, however, you have resistance associated with attaining that car because, for example, you may not have enough money to purchase it. However, when you release your attachment to the fact that you can't afford the car, and you practice certain techniques and limiting beliefs, you will eventually attain that car. So how can you start to release resistance?


Any way you know how. This can be through sitting down and visualizing. At the least, do this 3 times everyday. When you meditate, it releases the negative toxins in your brain that then bring inspiration, ideas and an open mind. It also releases negativity in the brain so you can really believe you can attain what you want. 


By pointing at specific parts of your body in different patterns, this changes your wavelength and releases all these toxins and negative and limiting beliefs. I love to use this tapping video by Margaret Lynch whenever I need to release resistance. Sometimes I'll do it everyday or 2 times a day and you can just instantly see a different vibration.

I'll give you an example: I was doing the tapping technique and I was waiting on a phone call for a job on whether or not I got the job, right when I got finished with the EFT tapping video, the literal second after I was done, I got that call and got that job. You may say this is coincidence, but nothing is. It's all in your thoughts, it's all in your mind. We are all a bunch of atoms, a bunch of particles in the quantum universe, and we can alter, change, fix, mold anything with our thoughts. 

Have you ever had that moment where you thought about someone or looked them up on Facebook and then "coincidently" you ran into them at the mall? The more you get in touch with your inner being and the more you release resistance, you will start to see these "coincidences" more often. (p.s these are not coincidences. ;) ) 

You can also learn more about EFT tapping on our blog post here.


Take a moment everyday to make a list of what you're grateful for. Write down your thoughts and your negative beliefs, you'd be surprised how fast this lifts your vibration. Below is a list of lists (haha a list of lists ;)) of things you can do to release your resistance.

  • List of Gratitude, write 1 word per line or 1 sentence per line, do whatever you feel :) 
  • Wouldn't it be nice if... method! Write down all the things you believe it would nice if.. you had. This is powerful because it is not stating that you don't have it already. For example, if you said "I wish I had a new car", you are telling the universe that you don't have it. You need to be very specific and act as if you DO already have it.

For example, rephrase and say: "wouldn't it be nice if I had my new car". Get as specific as possible by visualizing the model type and color! 

Here is another example: I just recently saw a video about Jim Carrey that really inspired me. There is a method when you are attracting money to put the exact check of the price you want to recieve in a certain amount of time. Guys, be realistic, don't say I want a million dollars tomorrow, but be modest about it. He said he wanted to attract, I think 200k in the next year or so. He kept his check in his wallet everyday with the big 200k on it. He got that EXACT amount on his FIRST big movie at the date he initially set. How? He set an intention, released his resistance, visualized daily without an attachment and bam! 

  • Rant daily in a notebook when you wake up or go to sleep with what's on your mind for the day. This helps clear up any doubts or frustrations in your head when you go to sleep or wake up before it even has time to stress you out. 
  • Take a look at our Manifestation Exercises here. 
  • Vision Boards: Make a poster and collage of what you really want to attain, this helps release the attachment to resistance and once you see and visualize it each day, (WITHOUT attachment) you are subconsciously already telling your brain you have it. Learn more about vision boards on our blog post here. 


Do something you love to forget about what you're resisting. Go on a run, watch your favorite show. Do something that you know calms you and makes you feel as ease.  For me, it would be cooking or going to yoga, for you, it can be anything you want! 


My yoga teacher, Guru Singh always says, "whatever is meant to be, already is". There is nothing you can change about the past, and the future has not arrived yet. All you have is the present moment, so take each moment in as in. Accept what is in the present and use your present thoughts to help you for the future. When there is fear, when there is frustration and stress, just accept it, acknowledge it, and try to let it go by using the above helpful steps. 

Any tips you have on releasing resistance? Write us in the comments.