My Meditation || Steps & Practices


I've been trying to incorporate meditation in my daily life and so far, so good. Sometimes I do it longer than some days but I try to at least do 10 minutes of quiet meditation. I have been doing yoga and meditation for over 7 years, however, I was never driven enough to get into a daily practice. I just kind of did it when I "felt" like it and went to yoga when my instructors were there. But I really wanted to try creating a daily practice. I've listed below my daily tips, steps and practices that I personally do for meditation. I either do this all in the morning or sporadically during the day. Meditation every day for me has helped stress, anxiety, my health in addition to just letting my energy and creativity flow in all aspects of my life! 

EFT Tapping

Here is the youtube link that I've found the most helpful. When I'm really in the tapping, I see instantaneous results, within a good 5-10 minutes sometimes.

EFT tapping is a technique where you tap certain points of your body and skin to help bring up energy, motion and these wavelengths help your brain and heart manifest what you're wanting.


Although these are all forms of meditation, just a simple silent meditation works great. I sometimes just do it when I get up from bed, and sit up in my bed criss cross and sit in silence in gian mudra (om position with fingers) and just breath heavy for 5 minutes and then in silence and light breathing for the other 5 minutes. This helps start my day and get rid of any negative thoughts and tension I've been carrying from the day before. 

Daily Affirmation Cards 

These are an awesome daily reminder of what's important. They are tons of versions that are basically like playing cards with inspirational quotes for the day. Read them all at once or day by day. I normally read 2-3 a day and when a card resonates the most with me, I leave it on my desk for the day. Here is an awesome deck.



I love chanting because I've always loved singing and since I've started chanting, I've found myself even more passionate and driven to sing. At first for me, chanting was scary and weird. But when you get into it - it can help dissolve a lot of issue and built of stress. The thing with chanting is when you say specific words or tones of the mantra, it releases specific toxins and energies in your system due to those tones. All kinds of chanting are different but I've found it very powerful and fun! 

Below are some of my favorite chanting cds! :) Some chanting is in monotone without a melody but you can do whatever works best for you. 

Snatnam Kaur + Mirabai Ceiba

Self-Care: Tea Time, Candles, Bath, Essential Oils 

This is a simple easy way to relax. Before I go to sleep, recently I've been spraying some lavender mist on my pillow, what this does is helps you have a soothing sleep, release tension, anxiety and stress. It can help build up energy in addition to helping headaches! 

For my personal self-care, I like to take a bath, get a massage and get my nails done. It may be different for you + that's totally cool, just find what makes you feel great in yourself and your body and go do it - that's what self care means. :) 

Daily List of Gratitude 

The most important thing for me is always expressing gratitude, even in bad situations. I'm not perfect in this however, I try my best to always feel grateful. A way to do this is to make a daily list of at least 10 things you're grateful for. Normally when I get into the momentum of writing this list, I end up writing up to 50 things. You can literally just jot down 1 word. You can even make it a bonding experience with a loved one, family member or friend and decided to say to each other 3-4 things you are grateful for in the day. By saying it to someone and hearing what they are grateful for too, it is two fold and so powerful! 

Daily/Monthly + Weekly Goals

I like to establish monthly goals or intentions for that next month or future goals, or things I'd like to work on or grow with. It's exciting to look back and previous months and see what you accomplished. However this is just supposed to be fun to jot down creative ideas and manifestations you have, it's not meant to be a deadline where you get upset it you don't attain it for the next month. Just write a small list, let it go and revisit! 

What do you do to help inspire yourself, stay positive and manifest? Would love to hear your tips in the comments!