Prep + Pared Vietnamese-Inspired Spicy Lemongrass Pork


Sometimes we get tired and lazy after a long day of work, school or don’t feel like making dinner. You catch yourself eating not-so healthy either during the day and also for dinner time because you just don’t have enough hours in the day or you are just too tired to cook up a delicious and hearty meal, and that’s okay. But what you can do is find alternatives that are still just as delicious and easy to make (and even better too J). Ralphs has just launched a meal kit service that provides customers a convenient and affordable option for 2! Kit to Fork in 20 minutes with their Prep + Pared meal kits running about $14 (*This post is sponsored by Ralphs).


A little bit about Prep + Pared meals: they are fresh-made, chef-designed meals. The meal kits are premeasured, pre-cut and ready in about 20 minutes. All ingredients are included in the kit, except salt, pepper and olive oil, which I know I always have on hand in my kitchen. What I loved about trying out the service is that I didn’t even need a knife or a cutting board. It was just cutting the bags, placing, mixing, and grilling!

With so many options, it was hard to choose just one at my local Ralphs. I decided on the Lemongrass Pork meal kit with Cabbage Salad and Coconut Rice.  It took me about 20 minutes to complete the whole meal! The recipe was easy to follow and designed in a really organized manner in terms of practical timing. :)


The Prep + Pared meals are only available at local city Ralph’s and Kroger Stores, you can’t miss the sign that shows “Prep + Pared”! Other options for the meal kits include Peruvian Salmon, Thai Turkey Wraps, Tofu Tikki Masala + more. What would you try?