My Love for the Los Angeles Restaurant Scene


Everyone always asks me “how did you start all this?, how did you start cooking, taking pictures at restaurants and how often do you actually go out to eat?”. It normally leads into the conversation about our favorite restaurants and what our favorites foods are, which always excites me and keeps my type of conversation going!

Growing up I always loved photography, I would try to set up shoots with my friends to take photos of their outfits and try to set time to shoot in different locations to expand my photography style and portfolio. Towards the end of high school, I started eating at more “fancy” (+ just overall more delicious) restaurants and started obsessing over anything cooking, restaurant or food related.

When I was in mid-college, I started to really be involved in the Los Angeles restaurant scene, I decided to open a restaurant blog and Instagram. I got so excited sharing food news and restaurants with friends and family, I thought I’d love to share with a community of foodies on Insta too. Where my friends would be spending money on concert tickets, clothes, amusement parks, you name it, I would save my money to go to a new LA restaurant or a highly acclaimed spot that I’ve been wanting to try.

Fast forward a couple years later, I’m still on the hunt and continue to spend my past time eating at restaurants in Los Angeles, but also when I go travel. My travels are now not fueled by activities in a city, but it’s fueled and scheduled by what we’re eating. Which is why I’m interested in the new Uber Visa Card, which earns you 4% back on dining* with no annual fees* and no foreign transaction fee* (something I wish I had when I was in Thailand this past March!) *p.s the 4% back on dining is for restaurants, takeouts, bars and Uber Eats (which I order a lot of, guilty! my top pick is mainland poke!).

Another good pro of the Uber Visa Card is that you can receive up to $600 for mobile phone damage or theft when you pay your mobile phone bill with your card* (also perf when I’m traveling!). Sometimes eating at restaurants and traveling can get a bit pricey which is why it’s so important to find a card that has high rewards.

Not only with restaurants and travel, but I’ve picked up a passion that realized I wasn’t doing as much, cooking. Now when I go to restaurants, it bring a new means of inspiration and helps motivate me in my cooking, recipe development and food styling. It helps me shape different ways I’d like to share news with the people that follow me and inspires me to keep trying new restaurants.

Do you have the new Uber Visa Card? What are your favorite rewards on it?

More info on the new Uber Visa Card can be found here. *Terms and Conditions Apply. *Offer subject to credit approval. This blog post is sponsored by @Uber.