Spiked Mexican Chocolate Tart with Berries and Homemade Whipped Cream

Spiked Mexican Chocolate Tart

You need to try this simple tequila spiked chocolate tart ASAP. Topped with homemade whipped cream and fresh berries, this is the perfect dessert option to serve your party guests! The filling is a mix of heavy cream, butter and Gran Centenario Tequila melted with Mexican chocolate and truffle spread. Oh my god, this is just the most heavenly, chocolatey and spiked dessert we have ever tasted.

All you really need to do is make your filling, the crust, place in the freezer overnight and set up your whipped cream and berries the next day. Yes, that’s right, this is a no bake dessert and the absolutely perfect to make ahead of time as well. Find the full recipe below!

Spiked Mexican Chocolate Tart

Spiked Mexican Chocolate Tart with Berries and Homemade Whipped Cream

For The Filling

  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1/4th cup butter
  • 2 shots Gran Centenario Tequila Añejo
  • 2 cups Mexican chocolate
  • 2 T chocolate truffle spread
  • 1⁄2 tsp nutmeg

For The Crust

  • 8 graham crackers
  • 1 stick of butter

For The Whipped Cream

  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 3 T white sugar

Toppings: blueberries and raspberries and powdered sugar


Heat up 1 cup heavy cream and 1⁄4 butter until everything is incorporated and mixed through. From there, add this hot mixture over your Mexican chocolate, truffle spread, and your 2 shots tequila in a bowl. Shave your nutmeg over and stir until everything is evenly melted and distributed. Set aside. (NOTE: this is a SPIKED dessert, if you’d like the tequila infused rather than spiked, you can cook down the tequila with the heavy cream and butter).

Make your graham cracker crust by blending up graham crackers and butter until a thick-like crumb texture forms. Take your pie or mold and shape the crust into the mold, pushing down and spreading to make sure it’s evenly placed and sturdy.

Slowly, add in your tequila chocolate mixture into the graham cracker crust mold, shape smooth and set aside in the freezer overnight.

The next day, make your whipped cream by blending heavy cream and sugar in a mixer (or by hand with a whisk, but this takes much longer and a lot more arm power is needed!). Top the tart with whipped cream, fresh berries and powdered sugar. Slice and serve.

Spiked Mexican Chocolate Tart

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