Feeling Good Friday: How To Release Resistance

Feeling Good Friday: How To Release Resistance

Why do we want to release resistance? This is one of the first tools in becoming who you are and one of the first steps to accomplishing everything you want. With resistance, stress and pressure in our minds, we can't see clearly of what we want. Read more for more information on how to release resistance, clear your mind and start to attract whatever it is you want. 

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Feeling Good Friday: Follow Your Heart

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 10.26.10 AM Stop getting sidetracked. Anything that takes you away from your purpose is just noise. Just get clear on what you want. Write it, sing it, draw it and imagine it and don't settle for anything less than what you have come here for.

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Feeling Good Friday: Gratitude

IMG_9505 A Life With Peace introduces a new segment called Feeling Good Friday. ALWP will bring you motivational tools, a dose of inspiration, a task or any type of positive affirmation to bring into your weekend. Although we should feel good every day of the week from Monday-Friday, we may lose balance within a busy work week, stressed late nights or any other type of encounters. It is important to re-tune your body and mind to balance yourself out.

Today's Feeling Good Friday mantra is:

I am grateful 

Let's start off simple with the first Feeling Good Friday. Being grateful. When you are grateful, you are stating that you are happy within today, and not looking for anything in the future or thinking about something in the past. When you are grateful, it triggers a new wave of inspiration, a new wave of positive thoughts, subconsciously. Being grateful allows you to be happy with the "what is" and helps balance your day out. Trust me, setting 1-2 minutes in the morning to be grateful, just mentally noting it, your day will be more inspiring and easy going.

Goal: make a list of 10 things you are grateful for. Just 10. Simple and easy. Write it down or mentally note it.

Example: I am grateful for my health, my new boots, all the success that is coming my way so far, good food (of course, for me), and etc. I guarantee you can think of 10 things you are grateful for in an instant.

More: See how long of a written or mental list you can make with things you are grateful for.

Being grateful is a simple yet powerful affirmation for any part of your day and a great easy start to our Friday inspiration posts. Stay tuned every Friday for more feeling good posts.