Los Angeles Restaurant Delivery Guide


There is nothing I like more on a busy day than ordering in - and not having to leave my house. I am extremely guilty of this. Sometimes it's so necessary and convenient, because I may be busy that day and sometimes don’t have as much time to meal prep or cook so ordering from my favorite LA restaurants is my best bet. Especially on a busy weeknight for dinner, there is traffic to deal with, then parking, it’s sometimes easier to just order online, who’s with me? Which brings in my new obsession - Caviar.

Caviar has all my favorite restaurants- from the fancier pastas and pizza like Jon & Vinny’s to affordable and easy lunch spots like Loqui in Culver City, there is something for everyone.

Read below for a rundown of some of my favorite LA restaurants on Caviar, what to order and for what occasion.

For Healthy Lunches:


Don’t forget to order a side of their fresh flour tortillas. They have corn as well, but I prefer flour.

Cava Grill

The braised lamb is my favorite and I love getting ALL the toppings I can. Their dips are incredible, harissa being my favorite. (Of course, I love spicy!)

Cava Grill

Tender Greens

I get the chipotle bbq chicken plate with mashed potatoes and kale salad! Such a healthy, fast and yum lunch! I’m in love with their crostini and mashed potatoes.

By Chloe

For all the vegans out there! Although I’m not vegan, I really love By Chloe, it has a large variety of items on the menu and it’s delicious.

By Chloe

Nong La

Pho, if the weather in LA drops under 70 (which recently has been likely.)

Nong La

For Indulging: (when it’s Friday night + you don’t feel like going out)

Jon & Vinnys

Burrata Pizza and Fussili A la vodka are my favorites, you will not be SORRY!

Blue Ribbon Sushi

Sushi PLS! There is also a fried chicken option if you’re ordering with someone who wants something else.

Cassell's Hamburger

Make sure you get their vanilla bean soda!

Great Deals

Blaze Pizza

My GO TO when I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to get spend over $10 on a pizza. Unlimited toppings and the pizza’s are crispy but also thin enough that it doesn’t feel too heavy.

Shaka Shack

Easy, fast + delicious


The fast burger is a MUST!


Sweet Rose Creamery

Salted Caramel is my favorite.

Van Leeuwan

Honeycomb is bae. One of my favorite ice cream places in LA!


If you’d like to try out Caviar you can use my code LINDSEYEATSLA for $10 off your first order. What’s your favorite restaurant on the list?

*This blog post is sponsored by Caviar.

Seattle Food + Travel Guide

We went on a quick trip to Seattle for ABGT, which was a music/concert festival at the Gorge Amphitheater. We camped at the concert for 1 night and the remaining nights, we spent time exploring Seattle - well, mostly, eating through Seattle. ;) Read along for the full list of what we did! 



One of the first places we went was Dick's, pretty much Seattle's version of In n Out. It was honestly OK for me, but if you're looking for easy and crazy cheap fast food that is a Seattle classic, go here! 

GP Doughnuts

There are some of the cutest little coffee shops in Seattle! This was one of them - and they have doughnuts too! This was the first place we went to, the second we flew in. I got my coffee, a doughnut and we relaxed in the coffee shop until our hotel was ready. (then we totally napped bcuz our flight was at 5am) 

Maona Seattle


Fried Chicken, nuff' said! We also got spam musubi and beer to start off one of our first nights on the town! I heard so many amazing reviews for this place - and it definitely lived up to the hype. If you just want a simple fried chicken dinner, here's your place. They also have other options like a fried chicken sandwich + more! It does get busy, so keep that in mind! 

Pikes Market Place


A Seattle tourist STAPLE! Step inside Pike Place Market for all kinds of food vendors, flower markets and trinket shops. 

Snoqualmie Waterfalls

On our way to ABGT at the Gorge Amphitheater, we went to stop at this gorgeous waterfall, an hour away from central Seattle or so. There is an overlook that is stunning. We didn't stay for long though, as we had to get to our campsite at the Gorge - but I still got to soak in all the beauty and take a couple pics! 

Pike Place Chowder

We went to the crazy popular Pike Place Chowder inside of Pike Place Market. There was a LONG wait, and we even went right when it opened, but it was delicious! We tried their regular chowder, which was BY far the best I've ever had. + we got a crab and lobster roll. The sourdough bread they give alongside of the chowder was the perfect complement. I was tempted to stand in line again to try it once more before we left... it was THAT good. 

Moore Coffee Shop


The coffee shops don't stop here - cozy weather, and cute, aestetic coffee shops are the way to go here in Seattle - I feel in love with this adorable cafe! There are a few locations in the area - and they create pretty matcha and coffee art ~ like this pac man and kitty! Ironically, they use the same brand of matcha powder I have at my own - so this was a nice gesture of familiarity. 


Oh my god. Beateau was one of the top meals we had on our whole trip - hands down. Inside is gorgeous, service was awesome and the food... well. it was even better. Overall, the whole experience was amazing and definitely on the top of my list for Seattle. If you're ever there, be sure to get their off the menu burger. To me, it really resembled the Father's Office burger in LA, but dare I say, even better and more than that - hands down the best burger I've ever had to date. A MUST. This is a steakhouse - so keep in mind, there are the prices that come with it - but if you're willing and want to try an amazing burger and steak - this is YOUR place. 

Storyville Coffee


We ended up back at Pike Place to check out Storyville. I think aesthetic wise, this was my favorite. There are MANY of these locations but the Pike Place one overlooks the water, which is a beautiful view! We got a coffee and hot chocolate (bae doesn't drink coffee). 

Elliott's Oyster House $1 Oysters 


$1 oysters, I am IN! check out their happy hour on the weekdays from 3-5pm for $1 oysters and discounted bites and cocktails. It's right on the water so you're set on an awesome view. 

Shiro's Sushi

I really love trying new sushi - especially when I'm traveling. Different cities have different types of fish, seafood and overall taste and experience. So we went to Shiro's Sushi. It is definitely on the pricier side but good quality fish is always worth it imo. We got all my favorites - uni, fish egg, toro roll salmon + more. 

The London Plane

Another cute af place is The London Place - which is 1/2 marketplace 1/2 restaurant. It's all open inside so there is a lot of gorgeous light that shines through and the food is delicious! We tried the beet hummus, which was definitely one of the best I've had. 

Tourist Stuffs: We spent a sec doing some typical tourist things like the Space Needle and Chihuly Garden and Glass.

where we stayed: a super cute smaller hotel called Hotel FIVE - A Staypineapple Hotel, which was walking distance to mostly everything we did - it was also a really cute and quaint hotel, not to mention super comfortable beds! If I'm ever back in Seattle, I'd probably want to stay here again. 

Have you been to any of the places I went to? Anywhere I should hit next? 


Weekend at La Jolla (Food + Travel)

Had a quick little vacay to La Jolla the other weekend! I wanted to stay solely in La Jolla so this trip is not about San Diego itself. However, there is a lot to see in La Jolla and a lot left I need to see! I've been here a few times before but this time I stayed in a hotel that was central to everything, Empress Hotel La Jolla. Set right in the happening + bustling part of La Jolla, The Empress Hotel is walking distance to many fine attractions and not to mention steps away from the beach. ;) I found myself leaving my car put and had a nice and relaxing time walking around soaking up La Jolla. 

Empress Hotel La Jolla

Where did we eat first? Of course, Oscar's Mexican Seafood! 

I really love the quality and freshness of the fish in San Diego, it's definitely some of the best fish I've ever had. It's not even that far of a drive away from LA which makes me so happy! Whenever I go to La Jolla or San Diego, I HAVE to stop at Oscar's. We came here on our way before checking into the hotel, about 10-15 mins away! It is essentially a fish taco shop but has a lot of different types of varieties of meat and seafood. We got the traditional fish tacos, battered shrimp tacos and tried the steak taco this time. Definitely a classic to hit up! There is a few locations, in San Diego as well as La Jolla! 

Sushi Ota

Okay, now this place, this is my special place. Only a 10-15 minute drive from that bustling town of our hotel, The Empress, but worth one of the only drives we did over the course of the trip. This sushi is one of the best places I've ever been for sushi and not only that, it offers the quality at an extremely affordable price, in my opinion. It's not "cheap" prices, but for the average quality to price ratio, it is extremely reasonable and a MUST try when in La Jolla. and I mean MUST try. 

Sometimes I find myself wanting to just drive up for the day to go to this sushi place. My favorites are the ikura, uni and salmon belly. Their rolls are also delicious but I normally aim towards just the traditional sushi and get a roll or two. 


Saturday came around and we were ready for some more tacos! Because, why not? We went to this super cute and trendy taco place and got lobster, steak and shrimp tacos. We also tried the chicharrones which were my personal favorite. Only have a 7 minute walk from our hotel. Although it's in such a happening part of La Jolla, it is still so calm and peaceful, even on a Saturday. 

The rest of the day we walked to the beach and watched the ocean. We walked back to the hotel and relaxed a bit before heading to dinner. 

The Hake 

It's dinner time! We got ready and again, WALKED to dinner! It's so refreshing, number one, staying in a hotel that is so close to everything and number two, walking around to where we need to go, which is very rare in LA. :) Wowee, The Hake sits atop a view that makes you feel like you're looking into eternity. The view is spectacular, but I'm happy to say the food is top notch as well. As well as cocktails and mixology.

What we got? Hamachi Crudo, Octopus, Shaved Asparagus Salad + Fish of the Day! 

Overall, I think this was a pretty successful 1-2 day trip and if you ever have a short trip like this, I'd be sure to hit these spots and check out Empress Hotel La Jolla. Anywhere else in La Jolla I should hit up on my next trip? Comment below! And keep up with my travels at #llindseytravels

How to Fight Sunday Scaries: Brunch at The Omni Hotel DTLA

It's the weekend - you're looking for something to do, you're looking for things to eat, where do you go? This past weekend I went to the Grand Cafe in the Omni Hotel Downtown LA for their Hangover Brunch! If you're a local, stop by for their breakfast buffet (or have a 1 night staycation like I did!), if you're traveling, stay here for the night and stumble out of bed and indulge in shrimp, mussels, crab legs, prime rib, a dessert bar and wait for it... bottomless mimosas. Read on for the full details on my 1 night stay!

Started off with mimosas and went on with shrimp, prime rib + mashed potatoes and horseradish sauce (MY FAVORITE)! Had breakfast staples, such as fruit, eggs, the whole shebang. Ended with some desserts and macarons from their dessert bar. Don't miss out on the piled high bacon, fruit station and more... it is definitely brunch heaven! 

When I came into my room, there was this gorgeous display of California - depicting the LA drought. What really surprised me were those pebbles were real chocolates glazed to make it look like pebbles - mind blown, they were so good! 

After brunch, I went to the Broad Museum, which is right across the street and was also shown in the view from my room. In addition to the Broad, The Omni Hotel is also a block away from Grand Central Market, where you can get the famous Eggslut or my favorite ice cream ever: Mcconnell's. I'll be back. :) 

Messhall Kitchen


Messhall Kitchen, located in Los Feliz, has a large menu with fantastic choices, especially their cocktail program, which changes themes monthly. This month's theme is Harry Potter. All the juice is squeezed in house, achieving that super fresh taste, and the combinations work perfectly, giving off an interesting take on Harry Potter. Staples include the fried chicken sandwich and oysters. Take a look at the pictorial essay of Messhall Kitchen below.


Fried Chicken Sandwich with hot honey aioli, red onions, lettuce and pickles


Oysters (dozen)


Hot Wings Tokyo Style


Banana Cream Pie

Now for the cocktails....


Polyjuice Potion

151 rum, persimmon syrup, grapefruit, lemon, sherry float


Felix Felicis

Ford's gin, Lichi Li liquer, agave, lemon



El dorado rum, creme de cacao, creme de menthe, angostrura, cream, egg white


Draught of Living Death

scotch, cio ciaro, yellow chartreuse, meyer lemon bitters


Pepperup Potion

Corralejo Reposado tequilla, cynar, peppercorn syrup, mint


Messhall Old Fashioned

Four roses bourbon, sugar, bitters

Faith & Flower


Faith & Flower is an essential DTLA restaurant and one of my new go-to spots. The ambience and architecture are filled with textures, color and a cozy feel. Every bite of the food is filled with flavor, technique and uniqueness. In addition to the food, there is a large variety of cocktails and drinks, made with passion and excitement. Faith & Flower is sure to become my go to spot for brunch, lunch and/or dinner. The oxtail agnolotti and the kimchi deviled eggs are staples here and now I know why... Read more for the full spread.


Kimchi Deviled Eggs

Kimchi gave this a unique feel to a traditional deviled egg, the black sesame seeds gave a nice look to the finished appetizer.


Warm Mushroom Salad

Comes hot, something you don't always see with the "salad" title, loved the textures, especially with the Onion Soubise underneath.


Oxtail Agnolotti

All the flavors of this dish worked well with the fresh agnolotti to the tender oxtail with the crunch of the chicharrones, this was by far one of the best dishes I've ever had and cannot wait to go back again for more.


Burrata Pizza with Sage, Baby Kale, Tomatoes & Sage

Burrata makes my heart sing, and also perfectly cooked crust.


Tempura Fried Green Beans with Chermoula Dipping Sauce

Crunchy, perfectly fried and pairs well with the sauce.


Ice Cream Pops: Pistachio, Hazelnut, Praline/Mint


Straus Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta: Pomegranate Seeds, Honey, Yuzu Granita


Felix Griffin: Clear Creek 8 yr. Eau de Vie de Pomme, Clear Creek Pear, Hibiscus, Fresh Lemon, Hine VSOP


Critical Hit: Blackwell's Spiced, Centenario Anejo, Canela, Fresh Lemon & Carrot, Egg Whites

Refreshing with the fresh lemon and carrots and a smooth texture with the egg whites.


28 days later: Gosling's Black Seal 115.5, DonQ Anejo, Ilegal Reposado, Smith & Cross, Pernod Absinthe, Maraschino, Tuaca, Paradaise Blend, Angostura & Peychaud's Bitters, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, Fresh Pineapple, Lime & Grapefruit Juice

Made me feel like I was on a beach in Cabo, definitely brought me back to vacation in paradise.


Spanish Milk Punch: Made in house through a series of cooking, straining and creating this one of a kind drink. 

Smooth and fresh, this drink is filled with flavor and the taste has a nice kick.

Presentation of all the dishes, the ambience and architecture, the cocktails and the food were all amazing. Can't wait to go back!

Doma Kitchen


A sweet spot located in Manhattan Beach, Doma Kitchen is bringing amazing flavors filled with local and fresh ingredients.

I had a remarkable experience enjoying the beautiful decor and delicious Doma Kitchen staple dishes. The owner, Angie, is friendly and really passionate about food and her culture. The menu contains all different types of cuisine but has a strong emphasis on European & Central Asian dishes, some from her background in Ukraine. When food tastes good, even more than good, one can notice it's due to the amount of passion and love put into the meal and this shine through here at Doma Kitchen.

We tasted traditional dishes with a healthy and unique twist. Starting with Borscht, then Housemade Chicken Dumplings in Broth, Braised Rice "Plov" with veggies & herbs, Uzbeck style, and ended with tea and Pumpkin cake, marshmallow whipped cream & caramelized apples (gluten free!). Continue reading for photos and a full run down of the dishes.

We started off with some black and hibiscus iced tea served in cute mason jars. While waiting for Angie to arrive, I took a look at the menu. Serving happy hour from 3-6 on Monday-Friday with $1 off beer and wine as well as many discounted appetizers and sides. The menu is diverse and contains many Californian dishes like wraps, tartines, sandwiches and french fries and then some other dishes that are very cultural, these are the dishes we tried.


First off was the Borscht. This is a Ukrainian style soup with beets, cabbage and local natural grass fed lamb, fresh dill, bavarian rye bread and a side of sour cream. Everything we tried was phenomenal, but this was by far my favorite dish. Doma Kitchen took on this Borscht and transformed it into a healthier dish. Normally, it is much heavier but this was light and with the grass fed lamb, it brought a strong and tender flavor. The flavor of the soup was sweet and savory, bringing pieces of cabbage and tender, tasty lamb. This dish is extremely light, yet filling, and the flavors just sing in unison. What you do is put some sour cream in the soup with some bread. They ship their Rye Bread from Germany, it is extremely fresh and delicious. When you have this soup with the sour cream, it brings it to another level. I cannot wait to come back here and get this soup again.


Next was the dumpling soup. These are Siberian style housemade dumplings, local cage-free chicken, chicken broth, fresh dill and of course - a side of sour cream. The dumpling dough was made in-house and this shows through with the bite. It is velvety, soft, and extremely fresh. The dill gives the chicken inside and the broth a hearty flavor. I am a fan of chicken dumplings and these were some of the best I've had. The flavors of all the chicken with the chicken broth was fantastic. All the local and cage free, grass fed meat and poultry is a strong way to be healthy and to feel lighter when having a meal.


After the soup, we tried Braised Rice "Plov" with veggies & herbs. It had veggies like Garbonzo Beans and a sauce as well as tomatoes and onions. There were also raisins in the rice dish and I am normally not a huge fan of raisins in rice, but this worked perfectly together. The turmeric and spice blend in the rice worked perfect and all the flavors acted with one another, making this a pretty awesome rice dish.

A seasonal dessert was up next, Pumpkin cake, marshmallow whipped cream & caramelized apples (gluten free!). The fact that this dessert dish is gluten free really brings a smile to my face. Although I am not gluten, some people are allergic or that is their choice to not eat gluten and at restaurants especially, there are not a lot of gluten dessert options, and if they do have it, it's not very tasty. However, this was a great taste of marshmallow whipped cream with the cinnamon caramelized apples presented on a tree tray in a mason jar.


Overall, this was an amazing spot. I enjoyed everything and every bite. The freshness was strong and the flavors all worked together. I left feeling full, and a good full. Not a full after a hamburger and french fries, this was the full we need to be. From a filling yet light and locally, free ranged and fresh lunch. Be sure to check out Doma Kitchen, maybe I'll see you there next time! Planning my next visit already.

The Honor Bar

IMG_4688 Part of South Beverly Grill on Beverly Drive, this fancy yet casual bar really got me hooked! A less fancy version of South Beverly Grill, Honor Bar contains sandwiches, some sides and some sushi from next door! Both the restaurants are connected and the Honor Bar is affordable and delicious!

Let’s start with the Osaka Style Sushi. I’ve been wanting to try this for some time now and it was delicious! It is definitely hyped up and isn’t anything SUPER SPECIAL but it was still really delicious. I can taste the freshness of the fish, something that I am skeptical about in other restaurants. This was $16.00 for 4 pieces so it is a little pricey, but worth a try for the first time! I will be getting this again along with trying the Salmon Mango Roll, which is probably more worth it, same price but 8 pieces. The Osaka Style Sushi was nothing far off from typical crispy rice, however, Osaka is compressed sushi, not fried in comparison to crispy rice. In addition to the sushi, it comes with a spicy mayo sauce with a kick: SESAME OIL. This really brings on crazy flavor and dipped my fries in this as well!

The fries were honestly one of the best. Super oily, which means you KNOW it’s good! It had a lot of flavor and every fry was crunchy! It came with an amazing fresh ketchup and spicy mayo type sauce that had the same sauce as the Osaka sushi. The sesame oil in the sauce paired perfectly with the crunchy french fries. This was $3.00 so not pricey at all to add onto your meal.


Next, is the crispy chicken sandwich. Oh my god guys, amazing! I am a huge fan of crispy chicken sandwiches and have tried a bunch! Other good ones are from Ink Sack or Mendocino farms! But this, was on another realm and knocked my taste buds out of the park!

Size = big for ME, for others, it may be perfect, or it may be small. It is divided into 3 pieces that are moderately big. The chicken is crispy, but not crispy where you can’t bite into it, the crispy that is crunchy in your mouth and also has a smooth texture after the crunch subsides. It also had tomatoes, cheese and a kale salad. What?? In my sandwich, there was a kale salad? And YES there was! And not just KALE randomly placed, it had been seasoned and dressed, absolutely divine! One of the most AMAZING sandwiches I’ve ever had and felt SO BLESSED after this meal.


Honor Bar can definitely get pricey but all in all, set in Beverly Hills, connected to South Beverly Grill, I think the price is BETTER than GOOD. It is a cheaper but still JUST AS delicious as South Beverly Grill.

I got a table right away and the service was extremely friendly. Our waiter always came back to see if we were okay and I think filled our cups of water around 7 or 8 times. No complaints there!

This place was seriously a treat so be SURE to check it out :)



Salt's Cure

IMG_4396Located in West Hollywood, Salt’s Cure is mixing only local ingredients to create some fabulous dishes! Never frozen, always fresh, this always-changing menu is fantastic. Their ingredients are only from California. They use animals directly from the farmers in California and their fish caught fresh in the Pacific Ocean. Salt’s Cure is located in West Hollywood in a little hole in the wall with limited spaces. I’ve found that the small spots I’ve eaten at, are the best and most exciting. The menu is constantly changing and is posted on the chalkboard on the wall. Water in given in a mason jar, which is always the cutest idea, and the kitchen is right in the same room. It feels so comfortable and home-like because it is so cozy and small. With the kitchen right there, you can just smell everything cooking. Salt's Cure is definitely an amazing, fresh and cute restaurant!IMG_4399To start off we got some appetizers. We got a Rock Crab Baratheon Salad that had radishes in a creamy green sauce. The crab was perfect and tasted great. We also got a pretzel and pickled spread plate. This had a fresh, delicious pretzel with grained mustard. And then came a bunch of delicious pickled goods. A few types were pickled tomatoes and red onions, as well as a variation of pickles. The pickled tomatoes were amazing and since it is now the season for tomatoes, they were absolutely amazing, with a nice crunch and sour feel from the pickle. One can taste how local these vegetables are and this was one of my favorite spreads! Another appetizer we got was lannister lamb sausage with fava beans with a puree. The lamb sausage came hot and was delicious. It is all house made and no meat is ever frozen, it is all fresh ingredients, which is why the menu changes so frequently. The green beans paired perfectly and the sauce that went with it gave the sausage a nice unity of flavors. To balance this out, I tried the avocado and citrus salad. A place called Sonoma Wine Garden had my favorite avocado and grapefruit salad with a citrus lemon sauce, but now this is my favorite one. It is rather sad that when you love a dish at Salts Cure you may not be able to have it again from this particular restaurant. But I see a beauty in this because it allows you to fully appreciate and enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime meal. This salad was refreshing with perfectly ripe avocados and juicy grapefruit. The greens with the salad were fresh and crunchy and the dressing tied it all together.

Now on to the entrees. I tried the durac pork chop with a sweet apricot purée, and the chicken with rice and the wine pot roast. This was my first pork chop and it was delicious! It was cooked to perfection with a little red inside, not too medium rare. The sweetness of the puree allowed explosions of flavor. This was definitely one of the best meals of the night, even though it was so simple. When meat is done and cooked to perfection, other dishes are hard to outdo it!

The chicken dish was moist, and contained a lot of flavors on the outside of the chicken. The spices peaked through providing the chicken to be absolutely perfect. The curried rice and sauce that came with it was a thick, chicken broth taste and delicious bite! It paired really perfect with the chicken as well. The third entrée that had a bundle of flavors was the wine pot roast. Anything braised with wine is always a winner for me. The roast melted in my mouth and cut so smooth on my fork. It was paired with potatoes, carrots and onions. The wine sauce in the roast was delicious.

Dessert time. We tried a cocoa and date pudding, a pot de crème and a grapefruit pie. All of these deserts were great! The grapefruit pie was extremely different, it was a little sweet and little sour and a little too bright, it wasn’t my favorite, but definitely refreshing. The date and cocoa pudding was delicious as well! However, it was a little too bitter and sour for my tongue when I had the pot de crème next to me, which was absolutely delicious. This was my favorite dessert. There was a crunchy and thick texture when you cut into the pudding that left my taste feeling amazing.


I really enjoyed all the food I tried at this place and look forward to coming here again and being surprised by a new menu! One can tell that love was put in these meals and the components that come within the meal really show for themselves.



  • Lamb Sausage
  • Pretzel Spread
  • Grapefruit and Avocado Salad
  • Pot De Creme

Free Range LA

IMG_3310A popular food truck is sweeping LA with unique dishes and a major twist on traditional breakfast. They have dishes ranging from Avocado Toast to Fried Chicken Sandwiches. One can tell everything at Free Range is made with love, and food made with love is always going to be delicious. It is featured in many parts of LA and you can check out their truck schedule at freerangela.com. They are also to be featured at Coachella 2015 coming up, so if you’re going, that is definitely an excuse to check them out!

Okay, the avocado toast. First thing’s first, there is an over easy egg inside of the toast. Yes, I’m serious. And not a cooked egg, it is a ooey gooey yellow yolk egg oozing out when you get to the center. Absolutely surprising and delicious. I thought it had an egg but after taking my first bite, I wasn’t sure, so I was surprised! This is also the best avocado toast I’ve had, and I am a strong critique when it comes to avocado toast because I feel there is a right and wrong way to do it! The toppings of avocado toast can also be versatile and the choices picked for this toast was perfect. Pickled red onions, siracha and cilantro. In addition to that, I think this was also some of the best bread I’ve had with avocado toast, it is Clark St. Bakery’s THICK sourdough bread. Not only is this pleasing for the eye, it is pleasing for your taste buds, I promise! You need to try this - it is a GREAT breakfast choice. The avocado toast is 7.75 and is a nice size! 

Another item I tried was the OG Fried Chicken Sandwich. It’s your traditional chicken sandwich with a slaw and a sauce. But what I’d like to say is that this fried chicken is cooked to absolute perfection. When you take a bite, it is fluffy and fresh and delicious. It is definitely up there with my other favorite chicken sandwiches (Honor Bar, Ink Sac). The inside is fluffy and the outside is crunchy. A reason why the crunch on the outside is perfect is because they use tempura to fry the chicken instead of other assortment of bread crumbs or panko. This gives it a nice crunch. The slaw is a chili coleslaw with whole grain honey mustard sauce. Really works well together. The bread used is a Portuguese toasted bun and the toasted bun gives it another shot of crunch! The sandwich is $11.00


Another item tried was just the cut potatoes, which were only 3.00 and were crunchy and seasoned to perfection. Everyone, anywhere, come try this place because it is amazing. They have a large variety of items to choose from to meet your needs! See you at the next spot!