The Ultimate Food Photography Guide

The Ultimate Food Photography Guide

My ULTIMATE food photography guide - including my favorite props and ceramics, tools all about lighting, composition, styling as well as all my favorite equipment, camera gear and lighting.

The Ultimate Food Photography Guide

Food Photography Tips


Natural Lighting ~  I personally shoot in natural lighting, I find it's the best for food photography. However, this can also depend on the mood and tone you're trying to accomplish. I personally like bright, white colorful food photos, so that's why utilizing natural light works, however, if you are going for a more moody tone then artificial lighting, nighttime food photography or dark tones may work best for you. 

I personally love to shoot in overcast lighting next to a window. I like the sharp and bright images without any direct sunlight with an overcast shadow. 

Artificial Lighting ~  You can also utilize the bright colorful images with artificial lighting. Although more expensive and takes some practice in terms of technique to accomplish, you can definitely use this too. 

The Ultimate Food Photography Guide

The Food Itself

This is one of the main food photography tips I can give you! You don't have to think TOO much into this but it should be on your mind. Make sure you are developing recipes/plating itself that looks great. An image can do so much, but the colors and textures of the dish is what you really want to be the star.

Think before you plate, how can I make this look it's best? You can imagine how the camera will pick up the colors as well. A tomato soup that is red can look vibrant, but it can be elevated with a little bit of olive oil to add texture, some basil for a pop of green while still allowing the tomato soup to pop and be the star of the dish.

Human Element

I've found that by incorporating hands and arms in photos, it gives the photo texture and a human element + emotion to the image. It can sometimes elevate an image just right. Use it to hold chopsticks, pick up lettuce wraps or to dip nachos in queso for example. 


The mood and tone of a food photo depends on the style you're going for. You can utilize a bright image or a moody dark tone. Its up to you. Mess around with different settings and find your style! 

The Ultimate Food Photography Guide

Props and Backgrounds

For props, ceramics and my favorite photography backgrounds, you can look at my blog post here. 

My newest + favorite food photography backdrop at the moment is this one below from Toile Blanche:

The Ultimate Food Photography Guide

I have another pair of boards from Toile Blanche and I am IN LOVE. It is such a high quality board and not to mention, it photographs beautifully.

I am also a huge fan of anything Lodge or Staub. I also always take a look at any Marshall’s or Ross when I’m in the areas of any locations - sometimes you can find some really great gems! If there are any local estate sales or garage sales near by, that can also be a great place to find cheap and affordable props and styling tools. More on props here. You can also shop my favorite ceramics and props here as well in my SHOP.

Some of my favorites at the moment are:

The Ultimate Food Photography Guide


Start simple, snap and keep adding ingredients and props. 

What I like to do is shoot the image in it's purest form. Then keep snapping and see what needs adding. Sometimes a little addition of a fork or a herb will make all the difference. You can also add little things, but sometimes you won't be able to take items away, so start simple then keep adding as needed. 

Keep it Simple + don't Overdo it on the Props 

Sometimes we want to overdo it with the props and linens, and then sometimes it can look too cluttered, scattered and dirty. You want your food photography to look natural and seamless but also utilizing simple props that will elevate it. 

For example, a apple pie will look elevated with a scoop of ice cream, a piece cut out and the knife right next to it. But if you start to scatter 2 or 3 more knives around, a bunch of slices of apple around the frame, and ice cream scoops surrounding the image, it might look messy. Keep it simple but still use props to elevate the image. 

Texture, Angles + Composition

Some of the most important aspects of food photography are texture and composition. You need to make your food look vibrant, colorful and appetizing. By just putting a boring plate of salad or leafy greens, it looks sad and unappetizing. It needs to be elevated with certain types of textures and colors like crispy breadcrumbs and layers like herbs, red tomatoes etc.

For composition, mess around with your angles and where you want the dish to be placed. Sometimes a simple nudge of the plate to the corner might elevate the photo just right. You want balance, symmetry and to take shots in all different angles to see which composition works best for the dish you're shooting and what style you’re trying to utilize for your aesthetic.

The Ultimate Food Photography Guide

Camera Gear 

I currently use a Canon 6d Mark II and a Canon T5i for side angles for video shoots. I use a 50mm 1.4 lens (which is one of the best and affordable lenses out there in my opinion and great for food photography). I also use a 85mm 1.4 as well, I switch off between the two. For an entry level camera, I would recommend a T5i.

The Ultimate Food Photography Guide

Editing Softwares/Post-Processing (desktop and phone)

There are so many softwares out there to edit photos. I personally use a few before actually posting on Instagram but generally I start with my lightroom preset. What I love about lightroom is you can create an edit preset that you love and you can just copy/paste on all your images and adjust contrast, saturation, brightness, exposure, etc. from there. 

It's also a great spot treatment so if a drizzle from a sauce gets on the outside of the bowl, I can edit that out. 

I also love the app A Color Story. I use 3-4 filters on my Instagram photos along with the lightroom preset sometimes, it depends on the image. 

Another great phone app is Snapseed, this generally operates as a great alternative to Lightroom. You can brighten and sharpen certain points of the image and I personally love their sharpening tools as well as their selective tool - if one part of an image needs brightening or contrasting, you can just focus on that part.

I use the app Facetune to whiten the background of some of my images when they are maybe too shadowy, dark or not as white as they can be. 

The Ultimate Food Photography Guide
The Ultimate Food Photography Guide

Thanks for reading! Any other tips you’d be interested in covering in more depth on photography and food photography?

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The Ultimate Food Photography Guide

My Favorite Props & Ceramics for Food Styling


My love for anything ceramic, styling, cute and small runs wild. I am obsessed with researching and sifting through all the best props, bowls, little forks, backdrops that I can find on a daily basis. Here we have all my favorite props and ceramics that I love and use for food photography recipes and styling. 

Current Faves!


One of my current staples is anything STAUB! Their products are long lasting, sturdy and down-right gorgeous. These items are worth the splurge and I promise, anything you'd cook in them will turn out absolutely beautiful (and delicious!)

Ceramics and Pottery

Colleen Hennessey Clayworks

Orange Chicken

Boston Potter makes the BEST handmade pottery. Not only that, it's so unique and the shapes and textures are just gorgeous. I want everything in his shop! You can take a look at his etsy shop here. 

Hansleman Pottery


As of now, I only have these mini bowls from Hanselmann Pottery but I'm looking to get some more from them ASAP! I loved this shoot I did with them of these Udon Noodle Bowls - isn't it just dreamy? They are really great for mixing bowls, side mixing and prepping for when I'm food styling. They also work perf as side props in the shot. 

Julia E. Dean


I'm in love with this huge plate above! But also this shop has the most adorable mugs. I use the mug and the plate for a lot of product photography and styling. Highly reccomend! All the items are extremely durable and beautiful. 

Earth and Element

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 12.53.04 PM.png

Also GORG mugs, I swear the BEST! In this above photo, I used the mini pink plate I got. I use the mug on the daily. 

Farmhouse Pottery

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 12.44.31 PM.png

This ceramic shop is so cute! I use the above cheese plate for about... everything! So perfect for styling. I also own 2 large plates that have a light matte brown texture around the plate that is just so dainty and beautiful. 

Daiso Japan 

If you want some cheap + cute props and ceramics, go to Daiso Japan. there is a bunch of locations and mostly everything is under $2. They have adorable sushi bento boxes, chopsticks and bowls that are perfect for styling. My favorites are the smaller bowls with textures like florals or plaid. 

Photography Backdrops

The Little Ladle Co. on Etsy.  


Another board that has become an essential for me are these Etsy Backdrops. 

Eclectic Lab Designs


I'm obseeesssing over these background photography boards! no matter what, the light that hits them always looks so good for photography. They are double sided + super sturdy, I use them A LOT for my food photography and styling. You can choose your own styles or they have some that are ready made but most are made to order! 


Misen Knives


Everyone that cookes NEEDS some good knives and up until now, I haven't had any good ones. I had one Victorinox one that is awesome, but besides that, I don't have any knife blocks or anything like that so I was in NEED for some really sharp and sturdy knives. I've been trying out the Misen Knives I LOVE them. I definitely recommend. I got the gray. :) 

Williams Sonoma 


+ last but NOT least, I've been exploring a lot on the WS site. They have so much versatility in their pieces and some really awesome knives that I also got! 

Any props or ceramic makers I missed out or should look into? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 

My Meditation || Steps & Practices


I've been trying to incorporate meditation in my daily life and so far, so good. Sometimes I do it longer than some days but I try to at least do 10 minutes of quiet meditation. I have been doing yoga and meditation for over 7 years, however, I was never driven enough to get into a daily practice. I just kind of did it when I "felt" like it and went to yoga when my instructors were there. But I really wanted to try creating a daily practice. I've listed below my daily tips, steps and practices that I personally do for meditation. I either do this all in the morning or sporadically during the day. Meditation every day for me has helped stress, anxiety, my health in addition to just letting my energy and creativity flow in all aspects of my life! 

EFT Tapping

Here is the youtube link that I've found the most helpful. When I'm really in the tapping, I see instantaneous results, within a good 5-10 minutes sometimes.

EFT tapping is a technique where you tap certain points of your body and skin to help bring up energy, motion and these wavelengths help your brain and heart manifest what you're wanting.


Although these are all forms of meditation, just a simple silent meditation works great. I sometimes just do it when I get up from bed, and sit up in my bed criss cross and sit in silence in gian mudra (om position with fingers) and just breath heavy for 5 minutes and then in silence and light breathing for the other 5 minutes. This helps start my day and get rid of any negative thoughts and tension I've been carrying from the day before. 

Daily Affirmation Cards 

These are an awesome daily reminder of what's important. They are tons of versions that are basically like playing cards with inspirational quotes for the day. Read them all at once or day by day. I normally read 2-3 a day and when a card resonates the most with me, I leave it on my desk for the day. Here is an awesome deck.



I love chanting because I've always loved singing and since I've started chanting, I've found myself even more passionate and driven to sing. At first for me, chanting was scary and weird. But when you get into it - it can help dissolve a lot of issue and built of stress. The thing with chanting is when you say specific words or tones of the mantra, it releases specific toxins and energies in your system due to those tones. All kinds of chanting are different but I've found it very powerful and fun! 

Below are some of my favorite chanting cds! :) Some chanting is in monotone without a melody but you can do whatever works best for you. 

Snatnam Kaur + Mirabai Ceiba

Self-Care: Tea Time, Candles, Bath, Essential Oils 

This is a simple easy way to relax. Before I go to sleep, recently I've been spraying some lavender mist on my pillow, what this does is helps you have a soothing sleep, release tension, anxiety and stress. It can help build up energy in addition to helping headaches! 

For my personal self-care, I like to take a bath, get a massage and get my nails done. It may be different for you + that's totally cool, just find what makes you feel great in yourself and your body and go do it - that's what self care means. :) 

Daily List of Gratitude 

The most important thing for me is always expressing gratitude, even in bad situations. I'm not perfect in this however, I try my best to always feel grateful. A way to do this is to make a daily list of at least 10 things you're grateful for. Normally when I get into the momentum of writing this list, I end up writing up to 50 things. You can literally just jot down 1 word. You can even make it a bonding experience with a loved one, family member or friend and decided to say to each other 3-4 things you are grateful for in the day. By saying it to someone and hearing what they are grateful for too, it is two fold and so powerful! 

Daily/Monthly + Weekly Goals

I like to establish monthly goals or intentions for that next month or future goals, or things I'd like to work on or grow with. It's exciting to look back and previous months and see what you accomplished. However this is just supposed to be fun to jot down creative ideas and manifestations you have, it's not meant to be a deadline where you get upset it you don't attain it for the next month. Just write a small list, let it go and revisit! 

What do you do to help inspire yourself, stay positive and manifest? Would love to hear your tips in the comments! 

Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You

Once you grasp The Law of Attraction, there is nothing you can't manifest, nothing you can't do. But! It is sometimes frustrating when you are trying to manifest something, but what you want is not coming to you. Why is this? It's because you are resisting and doubting and don't truly believe what it is you want, is already there. Although you may think you released resistance for it, the reason why it is not coming is because there is a subconscious stream that is going through you that is actually resisting. With our manifestations, we need to be patient, we need to set it and forget it and believe we have already attained it. However, there are a few steps you can go over to make sure their are no blockages and that you are on your path to manifest all you desire. 

Identify ways you can be resisting the Law Of Attraction

Your Emotions Speak Louder Than Words

You may be saying something but you may not actually be meaning it. Your emotion and deep rooted down feeling might be the reason why you are not recieving what you are wanting. Just because you are saying what you want, doesn't mean you are living, breathing and thinking you have already received it. 

Think about it - what do you want? Sure, you can say you want it, you can "manifest it" you  can write it down, but what are you actually feeling towards it? Most of the time, your emotions are doubting and resisting what you want. There are a lot of ways to release resistance, some tips here. 

Be At Peace With Where You Are

Make peace with where you are. Find the best feeling thought about where you are and align with it, this is the only way you'll be able to go where you want to go. You don't need to change what is in order to feel better and in order to feel happy, you just need to accept the what is.

*Feeling good is more important that continuing to identify and long for what you want. 

Keep Your Vibes Up

The universe is always responding to your vibration. There is a momentum that get's built in terms of positive or negative feelings and thoughts.  For example, if you are feeling negative and one negative thought comes to mind, it will create a stream of more negative thoughts, bringing down your vibration and vibes. However, you can stop these thoughts in their tracks. TIP: if you feel a negative thought coming, immediately replace it will a positive one, this will cross out the negative momentum and turn your vibrations higher. 

Are you feeling inspired? 

In order to manifest what you want, you need to be okay with where you are. You need to know what you want is coming. Without inspiration, your communication is cut off with the universe. You need to try your best to keep feeling fulfilled, inspired and have faith + knowing what you want is already there and will arrive, its a sign from the universe what you want is coming. 

You can't get what you want with any fearful or doubtful feeling on which that you want

This means if you are resisting, even any ounce of resistance, any doubtful feeling or fearful feeling, what you want will not come to you. This can sometimes get sticky if you'd get frustrated that what you want isn't coming to you, it's exactly that. You are frustrated it hasn't arrived, you have accepted that you currently don't already have it, therefore, the universe is working with you and your vibration, where you won't get what you want due to these attitudes. What to do? Release any fearful, doubtful or resisting feeling you have towards which you want. 

How To Manifest? 

Vision Boards

Be In The Now


Change Your Thoughts! *Power Of Thoughts

Manifestation Exercises

Set Goals

Release Resistance

Any other tips you have to master the law of attraction? Comment below! 

How To Change Your Negative Thoughts


"It’s only a thought and a thought can be changed”.  ~ I am not limited by my past thinking, I choose my thoughts with ease. I constantly have new insights and ways of looking at my world. I am willing to change and grow. - Louise Hay 

It’s true, a thought is just a thought and thats’ it. Sometimes we feed into our thoughts and let them take over, when we should be listening to our heart.

Thoughts tend to put you down, have you doubt yourself and make you feel discouraged. We need to understand that our thoughts are just thoughts, and we need to just observe them rather then let them take over. 

Your thoughts limit you and with this limitation, hold you back from achieving success or giving you the courage to follow your dreams. In order to not be controlled by your mind, you need to first understand that your thoughts are not who you are, they are just what’s inside your head.

Secondly, you need to start to observe your thoughts and not be so controlled by them. For example, if you are walking down the street and you start annotating a negative thought pattern, or judging someone walking by, just observe it, acknowledge it and let it go. If you let this negative belief and constraint control you, it will just be the start of a negative thought pattern. You know, the  pattern that brings you down into a dark black hole of just negative thoughts. 

Beliefs are just your understanding and thoughts on a certain belief. A belief is just a thought you are constantly thinking, it can be changed, thoughts and beliefs are not set in stone. If you have a negative thought, if you have a doubtful thought, know it can be changed. 

For example, let's say a negative thought is being taken over about your job. You are doubting your ability to succeed because your thoughts are telling you you're not not good enough because a new employee just got hired and you feel they're doing much better than you. First of all, you should not let these thoughts affect you and you should not be doubting. You were hired in the first place because you know what you're doing. You need to stay strong, keep going, keep working and keep growing.

So what can you do about your thoughts? How can you change your negative thoughts and your negative patterns to positives patterns?

Wake up with gratitude - Just by thinking of a few things you're grateful for at the start of the day can completely alter your day, trust me, try it! 

Meditation! There is a lot of other posts about this as well. Stay tuned for a more in depth blog post on how I personally like to meditate and some techniques with that. Here are some links for reference.   

Release your resistance and doubt - Another blog post was written on this last Feeling Good Friday with lots of tips and exercises. You can view it here. 

Become aware of your inner thoughts and dialogue and know they are just your thoughts and nothing more. You have control over you. Once you understand this, and once you just observe your thoughts, it's huge. Hard at first and it takes practice, but you can do it! And you should try because once you understand this, you are on your way to unlocking your highest power! 

Be happy with what is. Don't indulge in what you don't have and don't feel sad about it. Feel happy that you're alive and well, that you just aced your final, or that you just got a promotion. There is always at least one thing we can appreciate and be happy about in our current situation. Once you find that one, find another, then it will be like a domino affect. The same as it is with your negative thoughts. 

Understand that you can do anything, be anything you want in your life and you can't let anyone doubt you or put you down. Ultimately, it's the THOUGHTS you have towards those doubts by people that make you feel like you need to give up and give in to society social constructions. Don't. 

Take a moment away from your phone. This is a key exercise to help overcome negative thought patterns and something I try to work on the daily. We don't realize it, but we are subconsciously embedding negative thoughts by what we're reading, seeing, comparing through social media. Put your phone down, take a walk, talk with a loved one or take a nap, even. 

Write it out! Make a clear cut list of the negative thoughts on your mind. Don't be scared about it either, once it's all on paper, you can look at it, realize it's just a thought and move onto new thoughts. For example, write your negative thoughts: I'm not pretty, I hate my job, I feel lonely. Literally, anything you want, as detailed or as vague as you want. Number one helpful tip of this exercise is for you to really stand back and see how strong your negative thoughts are and two, you can get it all out and let it go. 

There are many other techniques to change negative thoughts but it all starts with you! By these simple techniques, I guarantee, they will help even in the slightest to diminish your negative thoughts, help you overcome your doubts by not paying big attention to your negative thoughts, so you can then find your purpose and achieve it. 

Do you have any tips to change negative thoughts? I'd love to hear them! Comment below! 

Destruction Enables Construction

"Destruction enables construction" - Guru Singh

In order to grow, you have to feel comfortable in the uncomfortable. You must put yourself in positions that help you grow and help you evolve. When things go bad, you need to take it as a sign that it's all there for a reason, it's all there to teach you a lesson. 

When there is destruction, it allows a new energy and an open door for construction. Construction allows you to build on your next steps. It allows you to pick up the pieces and move forward and allows you to feel vulnerable, in the best way possible. You need to open up your heart, be thankful and try your best to live in each moment. If you are not in this moment, it means you are clinging to a past memory or you are thinking of the future, both moments are not there yet and some moments are gone. You have to use your destruction as a tool and an incentive to move forward and to grow to your highest self. 

Destruction is a form of growth and strength. It is essential for any advancement and for success. When life starts to destruct, it means its time to get serious. Serious in the sense that it's time to spend time on yourself, to move forward in your life and follow your life goals and your life passions. Spend quality time with your loved ones, spend quality time with yourself, spend time doing the things you love - as little or as big as possible. The world is in complete chaos - but how are you going to save the world, how are you going to save anyone, if you can't save yourself first? Focus on yourself, too, it's okay to be a little selfish.

Be selfless and selfish, be at one with who you are and be okay with who you are. You are who you are, embrace that. Use that destruction in your life as a driving force to feel infinite and absolutely perfect. Because in the end, we can't take life for granted, we can't take the breaths we have and abuse them, we have to use them in a way that we will feel fulfilled and successful. Fulfillment is subjective, and everyone has their own perception of it, and that's the best part. Do what you need to do, don't compare yourself to other people. Try to be your own self, try to stand up and try to use your destruction as a form of construction that will eventually lead you to the exact and perfect life you are meant to lead. 

~A Life With Peace

Photo details:

Planner - @eljalshop

Glasses - Prada

Camera - Canon T5i

What I came here for...


Is this what I came here for?

If you are not fulfilled in this moment, it is most likely that you are answering “no” to this question more often than you should!

Each day, as things in your life come up, whether at work with your colleagues, at home with your family, or by yourself, ask this question:

Is this what I came here for?

We have all come here to create, to uplift and to share our souls purpose, BUT, if the majority of the time the answer to this question is “NO”, then your work is to focus on what needs to be done, moment by moment, to change your answers to “YES”!

It is all about our focus, so focus more each day on the areas you say, “YES” to.

As something in your life confronts you and you need to take care of it, always remember you have a choice about how much energy you want to give it.

So, while you HAVE to do certain things you may not want to do all of the time, by asking yourself this question, “Is this what I came here for?” It gives you the power to move through it quickly and refocus on what you ARE here for.

The idea is that you stop yourself BEFORE it consumes you. In the midst of any situation YOU have the ability and the power to stop and ask yourself this question and once you answer it, you have changed the direction you were headed in (which in many cases is the WRONG direction!)


What are the things you know for sure gives you clarity, inspiration, joy, laughter and peace?

Do as much of that as possible. AND while you will still have other things to do that may not be at the top of your list, you can always count on your soul to call on you and remind you why you are here.

You just have to ask the question!

Make a general list to start and then add specifics:

My job: YES/NO

My family: YES/NO

My friends: YES/NO

My Spouse: YES/NO

My children: YES/NO

My pets: YES/NO

My laughter: YES/NO

My excitement: YES/NO

My talents: YES/NO

My creativity: YES/NO

Continue adding to your list!

Look at it often so you don’t get caught up in the unimportant things that rob you of your time and energy!

The World is Your Oyster

IMG_3183 Did you know that the world is absolutely miraculous? Absolutely perfect and amazing, and did you know that you can create anything you'd ever dream of? You need to live your life, wake up every morning knowing that the "world is your oyster". It is important to master this idea.

We are such miraculous beings that can do so much to change ourselves and this world. The world is our oyster and we can do ANYTHING. We need to strive to be happy and we need to follow our dreams and our passions. Wake up every morning with a huge smile on your face. Why? Because this will put out positive energy, bringing you new opportunities, new happy encounters and new positive experiences that can gear you towards your dreams and living in the world of absolute release.

We need to wake up with not only a smile on our face, but confidence. We need to know our worth and know we can accomplish anything. We need to follow our intuition and our heart. Waking up every morning and living this life of happiness, we can manifest all our desires but we must understand that the world is here to help us, to guide us and to help us succeed. We need to know that the world is our oyster, which means, we can do anything, have anything and be anything. Don't give up and keep going, stay motivated and within each obstacle, have a smile on your face!

~ A Life With Peace

Make sure to check out  Girl Friday Paper Arts prints for inspirational and motivational prints!

IMG_3320 (1)


The Key to Success


We live in a world with a large amount of noise. No matter what, you need to be calm in that chaos. What you need to do is follow your heart, your passions, what YOU want to do, not what someone else tells you to do. Make your hobbies and your interests your career, there is money in EVERYTHING if that’s your worry. Stop using your negative thought brain and start listening to your inner intuition. You WILL BE HAPPY AND YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL if you follow what you love to do. If you dedicate each day to expressing your love for life, gratitude for the people in your life, your life will flourish, I SWEAR. It is important to express gratitude for anything and everything, these are the first steps to following your dreams, passions and leading you to a fulfilling and happy life.

Do you want to be successful? Then do just that. Find out what you love to do, if you know what you love to do, then do it, as simple as that. If you don't, go explore, open your mind and heart to new things and test out the waters. Everyday do at least ONE thing to bring you to the next step, one small thing. It doesn't have to be crazy or huge, just a small step. And after so many small steps, every day, you can then take big steps and your future will become what you never thought it would. Don't overthink it, just do one thing every day that will bring you closer. For example, you can just write an idea, then the next day, you can research the topic of your idea. It's just something to stimulate your heart and brain every single day. You are in control of your dreams, thoughts and your life, make them count!

So stop blaming yourself for your current situations and get up and do something about what your heart is telling you, stop ignoring it, stop going to do what people are telling you to, what society is telling you the norm is. BE YOU, BE THE LIGHT YOU WERE BORN TO BE, and go live life to the fullest, each and every second, moment, and waking breath.


IMG_4967 By: Marlene Ezra Baruch

For those of you who have been following, you may be noticing we have been partnering with some amazing food chains. You also may be wondering, “Why so much emphasis on food?”

“A life with Peace” stands for many different things, but first and foremost, its purpose is to encourage you to follow your inner callings and passions, so that you can connect with who you really are and who you are meant to become.

These answers don’t live outside of you. It is only you that can reach into that place within that will ultimately lead you to fulfillment.

Our goal is to help guide you so that you can do just that!

There is only one way we can do that, and that is by living as true examples and aligning ourselves with our own dreams.

Whether or not you are a “foodie”, or your passion lies in another area, there is always a deeper connection that can be made between your spiritual journey and your physical journey.

As we look deeper into the connection between nourishing your body and nourishing your soul, it is obvious that there is much more than meets the eye.

Each and every of us is born with the “ingredients” to create something wonderful. However, it is important to make sure we combine our “ingredients” with others who compliment our “dishes”.

When you are with others, you are either pulling out their “good ingredients” or their “not so good ingredients”, and they are doing the same for you.

The question remains, what is it in them, or in me that is bringing this out now. Often times, it is easier to place the blame on them, but all we are really doing is handing over our “Main course’ for them to create. Placing blame is just noise we create in our minds. Ultimately that type of noise makes for “inedible dishes!”

It is our job as the “Head Chef “ in our own lives, to allow ourselves to see the part we play in our relationships. For whatever reason, whether we are pulling out “good” or “bad” ingredients in others that is what is active in them or you at that moment. Ultimately WE are choosing that ingredient. This can be hard for us to want to admit. However when we do, we are then able to take responsibility and make the choice to surround ourselves with people who bring out our GREATEST ingredients!

It is only then we can begin to co-create our most magnificent dish ever!

Wishing you a DELICIOUS Life With Peace!

The Life With Peace Team

The following excerpt is from our interactive journal.

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The Power of Thoughts


We can mold, shape and change our life through our thoughts. Our thoughts shape everything we experience and shape the way we react to any experience. We need to understand that our thoughts are important in shaping our present and future. With power over our thoughts, we have power over anything in our life and this is sometimes something hard to grasp. This is because we constantly like to blame other people for our actions or their actions, when really, it is all through our experience and our thoughts. When you have control over your thoughts, you are in a vulnerable state which is why some people choose to not shape their thoughts, however, no matter what, your thoughts are always there. By shifting your thoughts to positive ones, you can bet your experience will be positive. 

Our happiness depends on a few factors:

-50% genetic

-10% the circumstance you are in

-40% your thoughts

Your experience in the moment is based on 40% of your happiness. This means that almost 50% of your experience can be changed JUST THROUGH the change of your thoughts. You can also rewire your genealogy and through your thoughts your circumstances CAN change, so you don’t just have a 40% chance for happiness, it can get to 100%. But to start, you begin with molding your 40% of thoughts and the rest will solve itself. 

How to shift your thoughts:

Marci Shimoff, the author of Happy for No Reason states that our negative thoughts are like velcro. When our negative thoughts come, we must feel them and acknowledge them and then let them go. If we hold on to them or choose to ignore them, then nothing will be solved. We cling to our negative emotions but when you choose to overcome them, endless possibilities will come to the surface. 

Taken from page 83 in Happy For No Reason, Shimoff stated that we have 60,000 thoughts per day

-60,000 thoughts per day

-1 thought a second

-95% are the same thoughts you had yesterday

-80% are negative

-Over 45K negative thoughts 

This clearly show how much we as humans live in the past and don’t live in the present moment because we are constantly thinking of thoughts we have the day before and constantly having negative thoughts. However, through some extra effort, this can be rewired.

In the book, Shimoff shows a method to shift your thoughts called “The Work”. This exercise is a series of questions to allow you to get in touch with your feelings and your beliefs and to allow to to release your thoughts.

(There are many ways to shift your thoughts and this is just one method) 

Ask yourself these questions about a specific Belief/Thought: 

  1. Is it true?
  2. Can you absolutely believe it’s true?
  3. How do you react when you believe that thought? What happens?
  4. What would you be without that thought?

This is a method to allow you to release your thoughts or belief and realize it may have had a negative impact on you so you can realize it shouldn’t matter to believe in it. Other methods to shift our thoughts is to:

  1. Express gratitude daily
  2. Do something you love to do to distract your mind from the negative mind
  3. Meditation, yoga, chanting, exercise to release toxins, relieve stress, help your negative thoughts 
  4. Do what makes you happy - it can be anything from cooking to organizing to learning etc 

Evolution of a Dream


Dream is implanted in brain

Dreamer becomes thrilled

Dreamer becomes terrified

If no action is taken, terrifying thoughts grow into flesh-eating monsters

Dream is considered unrealistic

If action is taken, terrifying thoughts are revealed to be paper tigers. Confidence soars, miracles unfold, and a dreamer begins to saunter.

Either way, nothing remains the same.

Ps. The difference taking action that will make in your life is more than can be comprehended. But of course, this is also true of inaction.

(Page 163 Leveraging The Universe by Mike Dooley)

We get an idea. We have a passion. We feel the moment, we feel the excitement. Then we are placed with fear, with doubts and with resistance. We let it go. Our fear takes over and allow our passion to fade away. We need to learn and we need to condition ourselves to believe we are able to have it all. We are able to achieve our dreams. But we are stuck in today’s society, in today’s living that our dreams are unrealistic. Absolutely nothing is unrealistic, if you can think it, if you can imagine it, it is possible, no matter what. Find what you love to do, find what makes you smile and go with it. You need to run with it, you need to dream about it and you need to envision it every single day. If you believe it won’t happen for you, it won’t and your mind will get cluttered, you will get stuck and you will be unhappy.

When you don’t follow your dreams and your passions, your thoughts will bring the worst out in you. When you do follow your dreams, every moment and every breathe is filled with ease, joy, knowing and liberation. You can finally be relieved of the stresses of life because you are constantly controlling your life to live out your passions. When one goes through life doing what they love, they will be happy and they will gravitate happy people around them and make a large difference in the world. When passion is lost, your mind is scattered, your circumstances are negative and you are lost, scared and hopeless. 

We live a life in which we need to follow our happiness. Every day is a precious new day that has the ability to be changed, molded and shaped with your ideas. Financial security will rise up from following your dreams. It is a journey and you follow through with it, your life will unfold. When money is of most importance for you, you are not living at all. Money is essential for some necessities, yes, but you will gain it once you do not fixate on your financial struggles and you find a way to follow your dreams and figure out your financial situations. When you are in the moment, you will get opportunities greater than you imagine and you can receive a miracle to save your whole financial issues. Therefore, in the moment, there is no financial issues. Therefore, you do not have any reason to not follow your dreams. When you are here and now, and happy in the moment, you will notice that the solutions to your problems will come. You will get answers. However, if you are constantly fixated and upset in every moment, the solutions will just be pushed back against you and no solutions will arise.  

We have over 84 million choices in each second, which do you choose? What do you choose to do with your moments? Sit in misery or achieve all your life is waiting for? 

xoxo, A Life With Peace

Edit Your Story


“The only way your life will be transformed is if it collapses first”, stated our Yoga Instructor, Guru Singh in a lecture on October 30th 2014. If something is bothering you about your life, it can be changed, it can be fixed and can be molded into what you want. However, you must go through the motions of a collapse. In order to create change in your life and within your self, you must undergo a complete transformation that may be hard to go through, but in the end, it is exactly what needed to be done.

If everything were constant and perfect, there would be no need to evolve, no need to do anything to inspire you and shine light within you. We must have hardships, obstacles, arguments and bad days. These indications show you are on the right path. However, we must not settle in that place, we can settle for a day or two, but then we must rise above it. If you stay put, you will not create any transformation in your life, it will just be a cycle and you will continue to crumble and collapse.

You were born to be here and now. You were born to explore, discover and expand your mind, body and soul. You were born to be a leader and a master.

“Any story that you’re listening to that has stalled you in any way is a story that you need to edit” – says Guru Singh. We have the ability to shape our stories and our chapters and we must do this so create the life we imagine. Our thoughts and beliefs can be changed through us changing our thought process.

In order to have any transformation, we must fall first. But we must get up as soon as we can. Our fall needs to be looked at as something positive, as something that is a sign for change. We must rise above and be ourselves. We must change our stories and live to the fullest and enjoy the ride of the universe.

Law Of Attraction


The Law of Attraction simply means you attract what you think and focus upon. All that you are is your thoughts, your ideas and beliefs. By simply shifting your thoughts to positive ones and manifesting your desires, you WILL receive them. You do this by trusting the universe and losing all resistance and doubt. However, this can mean both negative and positive. We use the Law of Attraction whether we realize it or not, by thinking negative thoughts and subconsciously manifesting negative situations, we are negatively using the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a magnet effect that allows you to bring in anything your mind desires. When releasing all the resistance attached to your “want” and manifested it by using the Law Of Attraction, you will attract what you are focusing on.

How to use the Law of Attraction

  • You need to quiet your mind and relax your thoughts
  • Begin to visualize and imagine what you’re trying to attract
  • Some examples can be a new car, a new house, a new career, a new love, some incoming money, a new friend, a successful upcoming test or speech or job interview – the ideas are endless, it’s whatever pertains to YOU!
  • Believe in the universe and trust the universe to give you what you are trying to attract
  • Release your doubt and your resistance
  • When you finally have calmed your thoughts and gathered what you want to attract, ask the universe for it
  • Visualize it
  • Day dream about your manifestation and pretend like you have already obtained it, feel it in your thoughts. Day dream for no more than 10 minutes (because more than this can allow you to leave your original manifestation and it will become scattered)
  • Extra things you can do are to write it down, post a picture of what it is on your nightstand so daily you wake up looking at it, constantly wake up and day dream about it and look at your pictures or what you wrote down
  • Continue your life and “set it and forget it” in the universe

Taken from Business Insider, here are 12 tips to use when using the Law Of Attraction

  1. You attract good or bad experiences based on your thoughts
  2. Thinking about something invites it in, even if you don’t want it
  3. The more you focus on something, the more powerful it becomes
  4. It’s better to trust your emotions than over-think a decision
  5. You can make good things happen more quickly by thinking and visualizing about them more – spend time everyday visualizing, even for one minute
  6. To make a change, you’ve got to see things as you hope them to be, not as they are
  7. You can increase your magnetic power by devoting time to “powerful thinking” each day
  8. Success isn’t a finite source, everyone can have it
  9. Don’t allow yourself to wallow in disappointment
  10. Avoid negative TV shows that deal with negative experiences like crime or illness
  11. Know that your relationship is bad because you made it that way
  12. Don’t worry about what you’re dreaming , instead, use your dreams as a guide

How the Law of Attraction Will Improve your Daily Life

Here are just helpful tips to pay attention to when using the law of attraction, and how it can really improve your daily life. Be sure to click and check out the links below helpful links!

Good luck!

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Life Is An Adventure


Life is an adventure and if you don't embrace the journey to where you want to go, you wont be satisfied when you get there.  it is in your journey that your path unfolds and in order to get to your desired destination, you must have fun along the way. You must walk as if, every day, every moment and every breath is an adventure. Every step and every leap is an adventure. Our opportunities, our every day lives is an adventure. We must use our adventure to it’s fullest by living in the moment. Sometimes we get caught up in the result of our dreams, and we try to rush to get to the future. But the future will only be as good as your journey getting there. What matters most is the experience you get on your way to the result, not the actual result. In fact, you will find that once you reach your destination, you It's not over. You now want more! Living is magical and everyone has their own personal adventure. Not one adventure is the same. Our perspectives, beliefs, and ideas are all different, however, we are all one. Eventually we will collaborate and play some part in each other’s adventures, but our adventure is our own and we MUST take advantage of every waking moment we have to chase our adventure.

Life is full of many opportunities, but the only way to take advantage of them and embrace them is by living in the now and absorbing each moment within our adventure. We must do the things we enjoy and must try to do less of the things we don't enjoy. We must change our negative thoughts to positive thoughts and release our negative feelings towards anything. After all, we are only hurting ourselves.We must get out of our comfort zone by trying new things we never thought of. This can be anything, for example, new foods, new heights, new places and conquering your fears. The possibilities are endless and we must release them by living in our moment. We must find our interests and MUST run with them, create them, establish them and mold them into our own and make it our future. We must allow ourselves to see the beauty in the world even though there  maybe things we don't like. You will never be able to rid the world of every negative, what you will be able to do is bring more positive to the world and allow that to be what shines most.

Let it all go. Life is an adventure. Don’t you want to enjoy the ENTIRE ride? 

*Photography by Lindsey Baruch at Temescal Trail

By Marlene Ezra Baruch & Lindsey Baruch

Change Happens From Within


Life is short, right? We hear that saying all the time but tend to ignore its significance. We take life for granted when we need to be allowing opportunities to gravitate towards us. We say we want change. We say we want the world to change and that we want to change the world. We say we want our lives to change. However, what is the ingredient to initiate change? Ourselves. Our mind. Our voice. Our beliefs. That must change.

A change within the world and our world cannot take place unless a change inside is made. We must change our negatives to positives, our anger to love and our resentment to laughter. We must open our hearts and let energy and opportunities flow. We say we want change, but we don't want to change ourselves, we want it to just happen. But the only form of great change must start from within ourselves.

How do we change ourselves? How do we open our hearts? We start by living our lives for ourselves, for our passions, for our aspirations. We start to live in the moment, by focusing on the little things and showing an abundance of gratitude, to then love ourselves, and shape ourselves to change this world.

*photo taken at Lake Shrine Fellowship Center in Malibu, California

We Are Meant To Be Happy


We are programmed, born and made to be living in the present moment. We are meant to find out our life's purpose. We are supposed to be unconditional, walking masters, removing all judgment, all blockages and all doubt. We are meant to be happy, we ARE. But it's an ironic and silly life we live, because we are conditioned to believe the OPPOSITE.

We are in a world that is lacking true love and communication. Capital is the only object that people strive for, because we believe with that, we have the world at our fingertips. We all want money, money, money and more money. To buy new cars, expensive hand bags, state of the art kitchens and others. But does this fulfill us? Does this keep us happy? No. Maybe for one minute, or two or a month. But material doesn't last and it NEVER will. We strive for the next big thing, always living in a pool of competition. For what? For our pride? Acceptance? Sympathy? This is all an inaccurate representation of life.

We are raised and conditioned and scarred by our past and our limiting beliefs and our stories. We must not become something we don't want to be just because it fulfills us financially and gives us acceptance among the social norm. Life is too short for that.

This is tearing us apart and we must let it go. We must find our passions and follow our dreams. We have plenty of examples to look at of people that did follow through on their dreams, for example, actors, singers, writers, photographers, inventors! They lacked a negative belief system, they achieved their goals. We must revolt against the conditioned belief of society and follow our hearts and our passions. We must build a career focused on love, knowing and joy. We must show gratitude for that is the only way we will receive anything back. We have to give to the less fortunate, be there for our friends and family and work on ourselves INTERNALLY, so we can be unconditionally happy, STARTING NOW.

We have to erase judgement, anxiety, depression, we have to erase THERAPY. Therapy locks us in our own mirror by picking at our past traumas and dwelling on them, instead of letting them go and accepting the past. We have to step up and become conscious. An all knowing, happy and liberated human. And we can do this through the love of everything and being in the moment, here and now.

The Importance of Traveling

IMG_3051 Something about traveling is so liberating. I can be anyone I want to be. I feel so alive. I can understand why some call this an addiction.

I am a 20 year old girl from California, and I am studying abroad in the Netherlands for about 6 months, in a small city called Maastricht. Maastricht is located in the province of Limburg, the south of the Netherlands. Belgium and Germany border Maastricht, and so many places are close by. An hour flight got me to Dublin, Ireland, a four hour car ride got me to Paris, France, an eight hour bus ride got me to Prague, the Czech Republic - you can probably get the picture. It truly centers Europe and has became one of my favorite places on this planet. I chose to study here for this very reason - I knew that I wanted to travel and see the world. And meeting people from all over the world comes along with it. I have grown to have a deep infatuation with my life here.


I learned a lot about Dutch culture while being here. I learned a phrase: "Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je al gek genoeg" which translates to "behave normally, that's strange enough." That's an interesting life expression to me. I don't know how much I agree with it, but I understand where this society is coming from.  This country is so special and beautiful, especially Maastricht. The Netherlands LOVES to celebrate life.  I love that. Life is so short, why not celebrate it to its fullest capacity? And be with people who maximize your happiness. I have learned to remove toxic people from my life because it is not worth it to keep them there. Why not be the happiest person you can be? I have learned so much more about myself on this journey, than I have in my lifetime. I have learned to channel my inner bliss and live my life for me. I needed to learn this.

Life makes sense sometimes. I needed to leave the U.S. to realize that.