Vision Boards

Vision boards allow you to expand your mind and manifest your present and your future. There is so much evidence supporting the effectiveness and strong influence vision boards have on your reality. A vision board is a page/notebook/poster/wall/box of your goals and desired manifestations, including what you like to do at the current moment.

For example, maybe you like to sing and hope to one day sing in front of large audiences. Creating a vision board with your favorite singers, you singing, concerts you have been to, tickets etc. and place it somewhere you can see it everyday. This will be of great influence on your mind and it will ultimately begin to show up in your life.  

Your mind relies heavily on your imagination and does not know the difference between what is happening and what is in your imagination. So, if your mind believes it is already happening and you visualize it enough so that you can believe it too, the world begins to show you signs of it in your life.

Cut magazine pictures, drawings and photos of something you enjoy doing right now and you will begin to see it  manifesting  for you. It is proven that by creating a vision board and leaving it visible for your eye to see everyday, you are engaging the Universe and your mind into believing your goals are already there and easy to attain. This allows a real tangible result and will lead to you accomplishing your dreams!

By creating a vision board, you can tap into your mind and your goals.

Create a sequence of events that you want to see in your future  as well as your current hobbies, or events. A vision board is a mix of images you pick from magazines, personal pictures or your own handwritten material. The ideas are endless! It is important that you take time each day to look at your board and imagine and visualize the feeling you would have when doing this thing you love. More importantly, DO NOT introduce doubt in any way. Believing your dreams are possible is the only way you can make things happen!

This link discusses the reasons why Vision Boards work and take you step by step on how to make one.

This link by Christine Kane shows you exactly how to make specific vision boards.

And here are some examples! Click on the picture for the original source and their explanation/how to for vision boards! Very helpful!

The "Piece" We Bring

IMG_1868 So, What IS is a place where you can go to be reminded of who you are meant to be, a place where you can turn inward into your own truths and allow yourself to look deeply into what it is that truly brings you peace. We are here to encourage you to actively engage in the things you love and the thing that makes your heart sing. We are here to remind you to give yourself permission to be happy. Your purpose is to shine your gifts with the world. Your gifts will never be given outward if you are not at peace inward. Through our book suggestions, writings, recipes, music, meditation techniques and a variety of wonderful tools that you can begin using in your life right now, you will see that you can live a life with peace, even when things around you may not be exactly how you want them at the moment. Peace comes from within and no one can take that from you! DO THE THINGS THAT BRING YOU PEACE AND YOU WILL SEE THAT MORE PEACE WILL FOLLOW!

Much love,

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