Change Happens From Within


Life is short, right? We hear that saying all the time but tend to ignore its significance. We take life for granted when we need to be allowing opportunities to gravitate towards us. We say we want change. We say we want the world to change and that we want to change the world. We say we want our lives to change. However, what is the ingredient to initiate change? Ourselves. Our mind. Our voice. Our beliefs. That must change.

A change within the world and our world cannot take place unless a change inside is made. We must change our negatives to positives, our anger to love and our resentment to laughter. We must open our hearts and let energy and opportunities flow. We say we want change, but we don't want to change ourselves, we want it to just happen. But the only form of great change must start from within ourselves.

How do we change ourselves? How do we open our hearts? We start by living our lives for ourselves, for our passions, for our aspirations. We start to live in the moment, by focusing on the little things and showing an abundance of gratitude, to then love ourselves, and shape ourselves to change this world.

*photo taken at Lake Shrine Fellowship Center in Malibu, California

The Day of Many Days

great-dream Today is a special day, today is a day filled with many days.

  • It is International Day of Happiness
  • Spring Equinox: First Day of Spring
  • The New Moon
  • The Eclipse
  • The Persian New Year
  • National Ravioli Day

Today is a specifically special and powerful day, a day of manifestation! Your manifestations will come true so keep positive and have an amazing day!

We Are Meant To Be Happy


We are programmed, born and made to be living in the present moment. We are meant to find out our life's purpose. We are supposed to be unconditional, walking masters, removing all judgment, all blockages and all doubt. We are meant to be happy, we ARE. But it's an ironic and silly life we live, because we are conditioned to believe the OPPOSITE.

We are in a world that is lacking true love and communication. Capital is the only object that people strive for, because we believe with that, we have the world at our fingertips. We all want money, money, money and more money. To buy new cars, expensive hand bags, state of the art kitchens and others. But does this fulfill us? Does this keep us happy? No. Maybe for one minute, or two or a month. But material doesn't last and it NEVER will. We strive for the next big thing, always living in a pool of competition. For what? For our pride? Acceptance? Sympathy? This is all an inaccurate representation of life.

We are raised and conditioned and scarred by our past and our limiting beliefs and our stories. We must not become something we don't want to be just because it fulfills us financially and gives us acceptance among the social norm. Life is too short for that.

This is tearing us apart and we must let it go. We must find our passions and follow our dreams. We have plenty of examples to look at of people that did follow through on their dreams, for example, actors, singers, writers, photographers, inventors! They lacked a negative belief system, they achieved their goals. We must revolt against the conditioned belief of society and follow our hearts and our passions. We must build a career focused on love, knowing and joy. We must show gratitude for that is the only way we will receive anything back. We have to give to the less fortunate, be there for our friends and family and work on ourselves INTERNALLY, so we can be unconditionally happy, STARTING NOW.

We have to erase judgement, anxiety, depression, we have to erase THERAPY. Therapy locks us in our own mirror by picking at our past traumas and dwelling on them, instead of letting them go and accepting the past. We have to step up and become conscious. An all knowing, happy and liberated human. And we can do this through the love of everything and being in the moment, here and now.

11 Reasons Why You Should Meditate

brn4 The above picture proves the science behind meditation. The colors on the before represent the stress, noise, thoughts and frustration, and after meditation, you can notice that those colors fall away, leaving your mind, heart and soul balanced and secure.

Shawn Achor states, "Studies show that in the minutes right after meditating, we experience feelings of calm and contentment, as well as heightened awareness and empathy. And, research even shows that regular meditation can permanently rewire the brain to raise levels of happiness".


1. Meditation keeps you calm and centered.

2. It improves your negative emotions into relatively positive ones.

3. You can manifest many things, some external or internal. For example, better health, getting over a cold, or even put out in your meditation you want to acquire a new house, car or shoes, the possibilities are endless.

4. There are many variations of meditation and many different ways you can play with it to find the way that is most suitable for you to truly enhance your happiness. It is proven that meditation makes you happier long term.

5. Meditation can rewire your system and allow you to let go of past mistakes, conflicts and allow you to let go and be in the moment right here and now. When you are in the present moment, many flowing opportunities come to you and you can began to experience true joy and happiness.

6. Allows your perception and sensitivity to heighten which allows you to become more open.

7. Answers questions or struggles you may be dealing with. In a deep meditation and trance, answers to your problems will flow and come to you because you are so content and in the moment that it eventually gives you the answer you're looking for.

8. Allows you to be aware of your thoughts, during and after the meditation. In other words, you can see the amount of thoughts you have decrease, and the thoughts you do still have, will be able to have more positive thoughts as well as when the negative thoughts come, you are easily able to weave them out.

9. Motivates you, inspires you, and allows you to conquer anything you'd desire. It gives you drive to do something you've been resisting previously, allowing you to manifest your destiny and desires.

10. Allows you to show more gratitude. When you have gratitude, you're ultimate being comes forth because no matter what, we should always be grateful and meditation taps into our gratitude. Since you are so in the moment, you focus on the little things to be grateful for, such as a the room or people you are with in your meditation.

11. Five senses are heightened. Tastes are stronger and you treat food with gratitude, respect and with love. Smell is more prominent. Hearing words, conversations or songs are often found more appreciation of after meditation.

These 11 reasons are why you should meditate because meditation clears your blockages, reduces stress and improves your quality of life to it's fullest.